Blue Light Special

June 20, 2014

My mother-in-law was in town from Indiana and wanted to buy my son a kiddie pool. After a quick search on my phone, we picked a cute little pool that was on sale at Kmart and set off to get it.

Not long into our Kmart trip, we saw the middle aisles were all filled with racks of clothing The sign read: “$2.99 or lower parked price.” I slowly read the sign and even said it aloud to myself a couple of times just to make sure I was grasping the concept. I could hardly imagine all these racks of clothes could be $2.99 or cheaper. This was a bargain girls dream!


When I saw a neon green and turquoise animal print top marked $2.99, I loved it! And bonus, it was navy – not black! I had another opportunity to wear my navy pencil skirt I found at Salvation Army for $1.50. And yes, I wore my blue Nine West pumps again. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit and a lover of bow front heels.

My son wanted in on the pictures and I couldn’t refuse him! This is really what I look like the majority of the time anyway; a baby on my hip, shoulder, or whatever is most exciting to him at the time. kmart-2

You’d be more likely to find me perusing local thrift stores instead of Kmart, but with an open mind I found a modest shirt that can easily go from dressy to casual. As you all know by now, I firmly believe it is possible to be classy and stylish on any budget. I’m not typically a Kmart clothes shopper, but when a bargain hits I’m not one to pass it up because of a lacking name brand.