Brianna's Fall Cinderella Wedding

November 12, 2021 ยท by Andrea Long

We are so excited to have Brianna Simone sharing her wedding with us today! Thank you for joining us, Brianna.

How would you describe your wedding decor and theme?

I wanted my wedding decor to be a little bit trendy but mostly classic! I didn't want a lot of things to be "different" but wanted it to be more of a "Cinderella" type of wedding. My girls dresses were a burnt orange and "fall-like" but a lot of my decor was gold and shiny!

What are some of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

I truly loved everything about my wedding day! I felt beautiful in my dress and absolutely loved how my bridesmaids looked, as well. My dad seeing me for the first time really was a favorite moment of mine. I loved the moment we took to talk about my Papa who couldn't be there during the ceremony. I loved the way my husband was looking at me when I surprised him with singing a song to him. I loved feeling the happiness when we walked into the reception and how beautiful I thought it was.

How did you find the perfect wedding dress? 

I went to a few different bridal stores. Someone had told me that once I found the one I liked, no matter what other dress I tried on, I would keep going back to it. They were right! I fell in love with my classic, princess-style dress and had one of my bridesmaids build the sleeves onto it. I seriously had never felt so pretty before in my life!

Do you have any advice for future brides?

My advice for future brides is to make sure to take in the moment on the wedding day because it goes by SO FAST!! I wish I would have stayed longer at my reception to get a chance to talk to all the people that traveled so far to get there. That was special to me.

Would you like to share anything else about your wedding or love story?

Our Love Story.... Manny was younger than me and always friends with my brother; I never had an interest in him, but he was always in love with me. Our parents had grown up together, so I had known him all my life but just never really noticed him. My dad then went to preach at their church for a long period of time, and during that time I started thinking "Wow, he's really cute!". We then kind of just started talking every now and then, and we both were talking to other people at the time. We would see each other at conferences and pick up right where we left off but nothing ever stuck for a long period of time, until after one conference it just did. We saw that we shared the same values, that it was easy to talk to each other, and that we both laughed at the same things. Then it just led to a relationship that I absolutely am in love with.

Who was your wedding photographer?

Timothy Gothra, timothygothra.com

Andrea Long

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