Casually Cost Effective

May 09, 2014

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I spend a lot of time in my jammies, but when I do venture out into the world, toddler on my hip, I’m “dressed for success,” as my husband puts it. As hard as I try, dressing casually is not something that comes easy to me.


This is a vintage Liz Claiborne wrap skirt with silver sequin squares along the bottom. The best part to me, as usual, was the $1.50 price tag!

I’m not a jean skirt and t-shirt girl. And if you are, more power to ya! We all have a unique personal style. I’ve taken the need to have a functional, comfortable, and casual wardrobe and chosen what works best for me and matches with my personal style.


Is there anything better than a comfy skirt with a pocket for your cell phone or miscellaneous toys? I think not! Add to it a unique pattern, and again the wonderful price of $1.50, and we have an instant favorite. I find myself throwing this skirt on all too frequently. I’m definitely getting my $1.50 worth out of this one!


If you aren’t able to find any jean skirts, try a jean shirt to get an instant casual polished look. This is one of my favorite ways to be casual. The navy polka dot skirt above is another $1.50 Salvation Army find.

I realize not everyone shares my taste for vintage clothing and I promise you that’s not all thrift stores have to offer. I have found many name brand modern jean skirts at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Imagine what you could do with the cash you save by not paying full retail price for a name brand jean skirt. The savings easily adds up to a tank of gas, that Dainty Jewell’s dress you’ve been eyeing, or your monthly missions donation!