Charity’s Exciting London Trip

March 21, 2016

Just before the launch of our Spring 2016 Collection, Charity, Dainty Jewell’s founder and the designer of the beautiful styles you see at www.daintyjewells.com, spent some time in fabulous London! We thought you’d enjoy a glimpse of her adventure—and some of the beautiful Dainty Jewell’s styles she wore while she was there.

London awaited, but first, Charity made a stop at her favorite bakery in New York City. Here, she is wearing the beautiful, cozy-as-a-blanket Gingham Sweater Dress — perfect for the cold February temperatures.

Charity, Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel's owner and founder

One thing Charity loved about London was the wide array of beautiful shops, magnificent buildings, and impressive architecture.

She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewells Blog | London

Charity at the London Eye

The London Eye | Dainty Jewell's Founder Charity Jewell Walter

Visiting the London Eye was one of the highlights of the journey! The London Eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. Charity enjoyed the view of beautiful London from high up—not to mention it was just so much fun!

Charity and Jess | Dainty Jewell's Blog

Charity and her husband, Jess — her all-time favorite traveling companion.

Charity's Trip to London on She's Intentional

Charity at Big Ben in London | She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewell's Blog

Charity and Jess at Big Ben

Photo op at Big Ben! Big Ben is the Houses of Parliament’s iconic clock tower and one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Westminster Abby on She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewell's Blog

Westminster Abbey on She's Intentional

The breathtaking Westminster Abbey . . . “Westminster Abbey was my favorite spot,” says Charity, “because this is where Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, got married.”

Westminster Abbey Shops

Charity's London Adventure on She's Intentional

London was not short on cute shops and adorable taxis!

Charity in London | She's Intentional

Being a fan of gorgeous detail, Charity loved London’s architecture.

Charity at Kensington Palace

Charity Jewell Walter, Founder of Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel

Charity at Kensington Palace.

Spring photos by the Big Ben and House of Parliment

Charity wearing Delightful Dress in Strawberry in London

Charity at Big Ben in London

Can you see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament? Charity graced the grounds in the lovely Delightful Dress in Strawberry from our Spring 2016 Collection.

Charity in the Delightful Dress in Stawberry

Charity in the Ever-So-Lovely Dress in Black and Cream

She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewell's Blog | Charity in London

Charity wears the Ever-So-Lovely Dress in London

We think Charity looked ever so amazing walking the streets of London in the cream and black version of the Ever-So-Lovely dress!

Charity's London Trip

Charity, Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel's Founder and Designer

Charity says, “London is an amazing city. It was incredible to see the Crown Jewels at the London Tower and to think that this was the royal residence of medieval kings and queens.”

We hope you enjoyed Charity’s vacation highlights! Have you ever traveled abroad? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!