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August 25, 2021 ยท by Charity Walter

Today's post is all about hair! 

For most Apostolic ladies, our hair can be either a blessing or a curse. The obedience to the Word of God, the beauty of long hair, and the uniqueness of uncut tresses serve as the blessing. The "curse" applies to taking care of said locks! 

Truly, long hair is beautiful, but, for some of us, can be difficult to tame. So, today, I'm sharing my top tips and tricks and products that I can't live without. If you have long, medium thickness hair that tends to be frizzy/curly like mine, then some of these products might be great for you!

My favorite shampoo and conditioner is Nexxus Hydra-light. You can buy it at Target and on Amazon.

If you want to thicken up your hair, try Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner.

Skin Balm Apothecary has a great hair and scalp serum. It's perfect for smoothing out my frizzy waves. This serum makes a great scalp treatment, as well. 

Bobby pins are a must for the long-hair lady, but not all are created equal. Here is my favorite:

Hairspray galore! These brands are my favorites (true classics): Aussie Instant Freeze and Tresemme.

This Lange hair curling wand is great; it heats quickly and works well!

This handy tool is perfect for summer waves and to add volume. 

This flat iron from Lange hair is my absolute favorite.

Are you in need of hair growth? There's an oil for that! Cedarwood essential oil can make your hair grow quickly. Simply apply a few drops to your roots after washing your hair. 

There you have it, ladies - my favorite products for long hair.

What are some products you can't live without? 

Charity Walter

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