Christian Women at Home: Have Faith

January 20, 2015

Real Christian Women: Dana Sherrill | Have Faith

When you consider women of godly character, poise and graciousness, who do you think about?

When you see ladies from a distance, up close or on social media, what is it about their presence that draws you in? Is it their appearance? personality? friendliness? authenticity?

When I see a Christian woman who holds herself with dignity, greets those around her sincerely and portrays an image that is in direct adherence to Biblical standards of beautiful modesty and loveliness, my heart longs to be admired in the same way. Not out of covetousness, but out of respect and esteem for who these godly women are and what they have encountered along their personal life’s journey.

Dana Walker Sherill is that kind of woman in my eyes. She always has something encouraging to say in person or on social media, her honesty about life is refreshing, and even in the midst of difficult trials she has held her head high as a beacon of faith and virtue as a Christian lady.

We have the distinct honor of learning more about Dana, her family and her home today, and I hope you will be inspired by her as I have been!

Real Christian Women: Dana Sherrill | Have Faith


She’s Intentional: First of all, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed! I first approached you several months ago about this interview and I’m excited that is finally happening! Will you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Dana Walker Sherrill: I was born in Maine and adopted to Apostolic parents at the age of six months. I have at least eight biological, half-siblings that I know about, but I was raised as an only child. I married my husband, Jonathan, at twenty-seven years old and we just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary at Starbucks in the Bahamas! My husband runs the largest metal roofing manufacturing company in Florida, a company that his father started almost twenty years ago. So we stay busy and enjoy our quiet family moments! We are also very involved at City On A Hill Apostolic Church with our juniors, singing and music, and I am the Sunday School Choir Director. I am also a Hope Corps student this year through Apostolic School of Theology.

SI: You are a stay-at-home-mom to a beautiful little girl, right? Can you tell us a little about what your days consist of and what being “cozy at home” means in your world? 

DWS: Yes, we have one daughter, Faith. Our days are full and always start with coffee! A normal day starts around 6:30am with lunch packing, getting Faith off to school and starting my Hope Corps study for that day. My hubby drops her off at school and I pick her up around 1:30pm. I have learned since last fall how to balance all of the normal house chores, reading lots of books for Hope Corps, studying, praying, cooking meals and learning to sew and squeezing in piano practice along with many other duties. It all sounds so normal and simple, but I assure you, I’m still trying to learn about the words balance and time management! Does anyone have that down pat yet? Ha!! I’m a last minute girl, but it all gets done.

Cozy can be found in different ways. It’s all in the small details for me. Whether I’m on a trip or at home and I look around to see a little bit of perfection, it brings a sense of coziness to life. I take pleasure in things that some may call different, but I love room service at a hotel and fine china being delivered. There is nothing better than ordering coffee to your room and having the perfect, proper kitchen set-up to be on your tray. Quite simply, the perfect cozy-day for me is being at home in lounge clothing, latté in my hand after just finishing a tasty recipe that actually turned out, a spotless house and my husband and daughter completely happy. There is a sense of coziness looking around while feeling accomplished and having your family healthy, content and at home.

Real Christian Women: Dana Sherrill | Have Faith

SI: You and little Miss Faith always look so beautiful and elegant! Has being a mom changed the way you dress or get ready in the morning or for church?

DWS: (Laughing!) I think all the moms can relate to this question! I have a go-to-hair-do; I plan to look spectacular, but some Sundays the Dainty Jewell’s dress has to speak for itself because the cute side bun is nothing compared to my hour long teenager ‘dos, but I’m okay with that. I make sure Faith looks fabulous and if I have extra time, I whip out the curlers for me, so yes, being a mom for five years has not only changed my life but for sure my hair!

I do want to throw in here though that being a mommy has not changed my choices of clothing. You will often find me in a Dainty Jewell’s dress paired with winter boots, heels or summer wedges; I have come to adore the Dainty Jewell’s line as my main source of shopping. I often wear the same outfits to church that I wear in town or on vacation because I’m all about looking presentable wherever I go to represent Christ. I believe we should, as ladies of modesty, be leaders in modest fashion and representing Jesus since we are called to this time for a specific purpose!

SI: Do you feel that being a stay-at-home-mom has changed who you are as an individual, that it defines you, or that it fulfills your calling as an intentional, godly lady and why? 

DWS: I am an entrepreneur by nature. I have had a dream of opening a children’s boutique for at least six years now, and I’m always dreaming up that million-dollar idea in some form of a business. I also love advertising, but my daughter comes FIRST! We have pursued opening up a Shoppe 3 different times in the last few years and even read lease terms in 2014 to rent a space, but every single time, with much prayer, the Lord has shown us that it was not the time and I have complete peace in knowing that I am following God’s will. If He opens that door we will know!

I feel that being a SAHM is both Biblical and satisfying. I personally think mothers should lay aside their career dreams and desires when you have children under the age of five. They have to come first, even if that means you can’t work and have the extra fancy pair of shoes. There are many things you can do from home to make an extra dollar, but their younger years are so precious and God designed us to take care of our children. God has a plan in this area of our lives and I encourage every mom to seek Him first before entrusting your child in a daycare or elsewhere. I understand there are times and certain situations, but I think if you are willing to do it God’s way, He will provide in every aspect.

Christian Women At Home: Dana Sherrill | Have Faith

SI: Can you give some advice to other SAHM’s or women who desire to be one? What has been your lifeline at moments when/if you have felt discontent with your life? 

DWS: Being a SAHM wasn’t planned for us! In fact, I was trying to get my husband to hire me! We were so blessed to receive the unexpected “expecting news” in 2009; life just kind of fell into place then and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

My daughter was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two and if you ever talk about needing a lifeline, I needed one then and still do! My whole world turned upside down with that diagnosis. Here was this drop-dead gorgeous princess who I thought just liked to ignore me and was a little behind on her speech, but I saw her for who she really was that lonely January day. Little did I know that God was about to start an amazing work in my and my husband’s lives and change our course completely. Had Faith not been diagnosed, I don’t know if I would have learned to pray as hard as I have and surrender all to God. Because of this dark cloud, God was able to strip us down and focus only on Him and our daughter receiving a miracle.

Today, God has touched her in so many ways. He opened doors and gave us understanding in the world of Autism that we are forever grateful for. She is healed and miracles are unfolding every year. She now talks up a storm, loves to play with children and gives great eye contact! We still have a little ways to go and she has some social interaction bumps-in-the-road, but God is not done and you wouldn’t recognize her today compared to three years ago! NEVER give up — His promises are for you!

If I can give any advise to a SAHM in the making, if you are ready to start a family, spend much time in prayer about it and remove all distractions that would take you away from focus on your children. I found it hard to be a great mom and have lots of extras going on on the side. When I eliminated my wants and put Faith first, being a mommy got easier. It’s okay to not get some things done on your daily list as long as your attention and energy has been spent bettering your child’s life that day. Be prepared to miss many events and outings with your friends and be okay with staying home a lot. Restaurants and shopping trips will NEVER be the same! Having a child and staying home is a twenty-four hour position that requires little to no sleep at times; be prepared to expect the unexpected, but at the end of the day, know that you are raising a little soul. You are soul winning and there is no job on earth that is rewarding as much as being a mommy.

Real Christian Women: Dana Sherrill | Have Faith

SI: And finally, what kind of devotionals, scripture or books can you recommend to us to become better Christians and intentional in all that we do?

DWS :I couldn’t honestly finish this interview if I didn’t recommend Hope Corps to individuals of any age. I can not begin to explain what Hope Corps has done for me spiritually — it has covered every great book, every lecture and sermon that you would ever want to read or learn about. I wake up and most days go directly to studying God’s Word through Hope Corps. It has helped me to develop a great habit that I wanted for so long in living for God. I am almost thirty-three years old and was raised in the truth, but Hope Corps has brought me to a completely different level of understanding and knowing God. I also highly recommend the book When Ye Pray by Joy Haney to help develop a consistent prayer life. In addition, I feel the Lord gave me Philippians 1:28-30 last fall for a personal battle of fear I fought and now have victory over after seven years:

Be brave when you face your enemies. Your courage will show them that they are going to be destroyed, and it will show you that you will be saved. God will make all of this happen, and he has blessed you. Not only do you have faith in Christ, but you suffer for him. You saw me suffer, and you still hear about my troubles. Now you must suffer in the same way. {Philippians 1:28-30 CEV}


When you consider women of godly character and strength, do you consider the trials they have gone through in order to obtain that courage?

Dana has shown us that the reality of life is often difficult, tiresome and lonely, but that with prayer and faith in God miracles are attainable and beautiful! Have faith, my lovely readers, and be brave when you face your enemies!

    All images used with permission from Dana Walker Sherrill.