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December 02, 2022 · by Ashton Dorow

I don’t know about you, but I love picking out gifts for people at Christmastime! For me, I always want whatever I get someone to be specially selected for them--in other words, something that they actually want or something that just fits their personality or interests. The same goes for stocking stuffers. While these items are usually more random and fun than "regular" gifts, I still try to have an intentional thought behind them. Why buy something that is just going to get thrown away? I’d rather get something that is not only fun and unique but has a valid purpose or is specific to the interests of that individual.

Over the last few years of Christmas shopping for family members, I’ve come across some great stocking stuffer ideas that I want to share with you all! Some of these, due to the cost and what kind of budget you are working with, could also be considered a small “regular gift”. If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas this year, hopefully some of these help you out!


I had never done much shopping for men before dating my husband. That first Christmas we were together, I had such a hard time figuring out how to shop for him! Now that we’ve been together for seven Christmases, it’s much easier! All of these items below are ones I’ve come across in my yearly search for the perfect manly gift.

I found this handy little tool last year. If the guy you’re shopping for owns a drill, this is seriously an awesome small gift or stocking stuffer! It can be used on all sorts of screws or hooks that regular drill bits don’t work on!

My mom came across this small business last Christmas and we both immediately ordered some of their fun, colorful laces for my dad and my husband! There are so many fun options to choose from!

A lot of tie bars I’ve seen can be plain or even cheap looking. I love these ones from DAZI! They have matte finish metal tie bars in various colors, plus really classy wooden ones.

I noticed my husband saved these on his Amazon list recently, so I plan to order them this year! These handkerchiefs are specially designed to soak up sweat better than regular handkerchiefs. Kinda gross to think about LOL! But truly useful!

If the guy you’re shopping for works with his hands a lot, this cream is amazing! My dad is a guitar player, so he has permanent calluses on his fingers, plus he has naturally dry hands, especially in winter, and this stuff works wonders for him. My husband also used to use it when he worked in construction, and it helped him out so much as well.

My mom came across this handy little invention a while back. It looks like a tube of chapstick, but you rub the balm-like substance on shaving nicks and cuts and voila--no more bleeding!


All of the ladies gift ideas listed below are items I personally LOVE or have received in my stocking in the past.

Several years ago, my family took a trip with friends to the most magical southern plantation bed and breakfast. It was seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life (but that’s a story for another day!). The little cottages we stayed in on the grounds had travel size L'occitane products stocked in the bathrooms. This was my first introduction to this French bath and beauty brand, and I fell in love! The lip balm was my absolute favorite item they gave us there, and to this day, this lip balm is my favorite one ever! It’s kind of expensive for a lip balm, but you’ll feel the difference when you use it and it lasts a long time!

This little gadget (created by a lovely apostolic lady!) is AMAZING! I’ve always struggled to knot my t-shirts without it looking bulky or tacky, and some shirts just don’t have enough extra fabric for you to physically tie it. When I saw the Twist-tee Knot at a conference a couple years ago, I bought the double pack (one large size and one small size) and it has literally opened up a whole new world of possibilities in my wardrobe! This is an absolute must have!

I have used this brand of bobby pins, and only this brand, for about thirteen or more years thanks to a friend from church introducing them to me. With long hair that I often fix in updo’s, the pins found at the grocery store just don’t work right. They either stretch out quickly, don’t hold well, hurt my scalp, or tear my hair. These pins are the BEST for long hair, and I will recommend them ‘til the day I die LOL!

I had been wanting a face roller for a while, so I was really excited when my husband got me this set last year that comes with a facial roller and matching Gua Sha facial stone. Oh my goodness, these things really do work! After a long day at work, staring at a computer screen for hours, it feels amazing to massage away the tension in my face. Over time, using these tools on a regular basis can truly help your skin's health and appearance.

Pretty hair clips, chopsticks, and jaw clips are all the rage right now! And a girl can never have too many hair accessories, right? Dainty Jewell’s has so many beautiful and unique hair accessories that the lady you’re buying for, whether young or old, is sure to love!

This item is the one exception to the rule I stated above--I don’t actually have one of these yet! But I hope to get one soon LOL! Massaging your scalp when washing your hair can really help with hair growth and over all hair/scalp health.


There are several gift ideas I had that can work for either a girl or a guy. Check them out below!

This is such a fun, but useful, invention! These little contraptions stick on your car air vents and hold your fast-food sauces. No more trying to balance them in your lap or hold them in your hand! I got a set for my husband’s stocking last year, and we use them often.

      One of my husband’s pet peeves is me squeezing the toothpaste from the front of the tube and not the back, because it spreads the toothpaste unevenly throughout the tube LOL! I solved that little dispute by getting a set of these toothpaste squeezers last year. They slide on the end of the tubes and keep everything pushed to the front, helping eliminate waste!

      So many people have smart watches these days, and many of those people enjoy switching out the bands for different outfits or occasions. A new watch band is always a great gift idea for someone who owns a smart watch! There are sooo many great options for these online, but I just linked one that I've purchased in the past.

        I don’t think I got him one last year, but all of our other Christmas’ since getting married, I’ve bought a small game or card game to put in my husband’s stocking. These gifts give us something new to do to spend time together and have fun in the future! I've linked Uno Flip here, which is a new twist on the classic game.

        I forgot how my mom learned about this little gadget, but now that we know about it, I always say it's a must have for any kitchen! No more wrestling with tightly sealed jar lids--just pop the seal with this “jar key” and then you can remove the lid easy-peasy!

        My mom found an adorable miniature duster for my uncle who cleans his car seriously every day a couple Christmas’ ago. It was a fun gift that gave everyone a laugh since we knew how fitting it was for him, but it was a truly useful gift too! My mom got herself one, too, actually, and it really comes in handy when trying to dust off the dashboard of your vehicle. If the person you’re shopping for enjoys keeping their car clean, this would be great gift that they can use for years to come! It would also be handy to keep in your work or home desk draw for a quick clean of your computer or work space.

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