Classic Fashion For A New Year

January 06, 2016

Welcome to 2016, a brand new year promising unique adventures, fresh starts, and unfamiliar challenges. Without a doubt we have all at one time exclaimed or heard someone exclaim, “Out with the old and in with the new!” A new year brings with it a motivation for change, for advancement, but there is one thing which can, and sometimes should in my opinion, incorporate the old, and that thing is fashion.

It might be a new year, but it still is wintertime, and it might be post-Christmas, but I doubt that anyone has determined that they will dispose of the entirety of their old wardrobe. And so, the question tends to be how to incorporate one’s older pieces with newer finds.

Fur, thank goodness, is still a must in a winter wardrobe, and my black fur vest from Dillard’s is one of the most versatile and favorite of my fur pieces.

I paired my black fur vest with a black shirt with a bow detail on the collar from Target; both the fur vest and the black shirt are unique pieces, but because they are both the same neutral tone, they don’t take away from the focus pattern of the skirt.

My wine red and black striped umbrella skirt from XXI was my focus point for the outfit and one of my favorite Christmas finds, with its deep red tones fitting into the winter outfit concept.

Finally, I completed the look with two fabulous new year finds:  a pair of glossy, heeled oxfords by Steve Madden and a black and navy cross body by Michael Kors.

Give those 2015 pieces a 2016 spin with a fresh outlook and a few new pieces. Happy New Year, Ladies!