Classic in Black Collection

August 09, 2023 ยท by Anyssa Hessler

Introducing our first all black dress collection! When in doubt, we all reach for our favorite little black dress! Black never goes out of style and looks stunning on all ladies, no matter the occasion. We created a capsule collection of chic, sophisticated black styles for all seasons and ladies of all ages. They're gorgeous for weddings, parties, family photos, holidays and so much more! Anytime you want to feel beautiful really; you don't need a special occasion to play dress up! 

We couldn't resist adding a touch of sparkle here and there! The sequins of the Moonlight Soiree dress sparkle and shine with each step! We can't wait to see the photos you take in these pieces - they'll be nothing short of breathtaking! You may have also noticed, a few of our most requested restocks are making a comeback! Ladies have been asking for us to bring the A Time in Twilight Dress since the moment it sold out and we made it happen just in time for Autumn and Winter! 

This beauty might also look familiar. Once upon a time we had it available in white and it was a dream! We wanted to bring in back but with a modern twist and black just felt right. The result is gorgeous! The Walking in the Moonlight dress features floral appliques that soften the bold color and make for an unforgettable piece! Of course, we had to offer it for little ladies too! This collection offers so many matching and coordinating styles for sweet Mommy & Me moments. 

Another favorite we brought back in black is the Fly Me to the Moon Dress. This silhouette is flattering on all ladies. It has quickly become a fan favorite! We have a good feeling the new Glitz & Glimmer dress will also become a fan favorite. Just look at that lace detail! Have you ever seen anything so stunning? This is the kind of dress that strangers will stop you on the street asking where you found such a gorgeous dress! 

This next dress is one of our top picks from the collection. The Belle of Buckingham is a showstopper! It's both understated yet makes a statement; it's both vintage-inspired yet modern...it's everything a girl could dream of! Made for black tie gathering, the mother of the bride, anniversary celebrations and more! The lace body pulls you in at all the right places, it's incredibly flattering, and the cape flows beautifully with each movement. It is truly one of a kind! 

Black is a bold color that may seem cold and harsh to some but we worked so hard to add all the soft, feminine touches we could with fabric choices of tulle, velvet and lace and extra dainty touches of sparkle, floral appliques and ruffles. The Whisked Away Dress and the Counting the Stars Dress are full of sweet, romantic details you will adore!

This collection is sophisticated yet sweet and we just know you're going to fall head-over-heels in love with it! These beauties (and more!) are available now - while supplies last that is! Little black dresses never last long around here so claim your favorites while you can! Shop the entire collection here

Anyssa Hessler

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Anyssa Hessler is Dainty Jewell's' marketing & social media manager. She lives in a small town and old home in Indiana with her husband, Alec and children Reyna & Everett. She and her husband serve as youth leaders at The House of Prayer. She enjoys making a mess in the kitchen, treasure hunting in thrift stores, and testing her green thumb. Find her on Instagram @anyssa.hessler.