Color Me Plaid For Fall

November 18, 2019

Some of my favorite fashion staples easily transition from season to season. I live in Seattle, where the summers don’t get too hot and the winters don’t get too cold, so it’s easy to wear some dresses year-round.

This Color Me Plaid Dress from Dainty Jewell’s is one of them!

Some still avoid white after labor day, but one way to make white work for fall and winter is to add fur!

A fur vest or collar can transform most dresses into amazing fall pieces! It was just the thing the Color Me Plaid Dress needed to make it season-appropriate.

And, of course, it’s the season for tights and boots, which is a great way to complete the look.

Don’t stay away from this adorable, white tattersall plaid this fall! This fully-lined, comfy knit dress is a must-have for any season.

Just say Color Me Plaid for fall.