Consistency Over Complacency

January 14, 2016

One of the most difficult things about being human is constantly fighting complacency.
Although it would seem that there are some individuals who are quite content being complacent, there are others who yearn for what they know is deeper — what they know is innately created for them. Perhaps complacency differs from comfortability in the sense that to be comfortable is to be happy, or at the very least content while being complacent is to be dissatisfied because you know what could be.

I fight complacency every single day. As bizarre as it sounds, the battle between complacency and greatness wages wild in my head day in and day out. Because some days we wake up feeling rejuvenated and inspired and free to do exactly what know we were created to do. But other days, we wake with the realization that it’s just another day, and we think, how much impact can one person truly have on the world?

I wrestle with this.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that complacency occurs when we forget about what we were created to do. Our passions are not happenstance. As a result of writing extremely frequently for a variety of different purposes, I often run into writers block. It’s a serious issue. During this period of time I can — and often do — become easily complacent with who I am as an individual. I’ve realized that when I’m not inspired I fall into a rut of sorts. Life then just sort of happens and I find myself simply existing. Of course I still love life and make great memories and live as expected, but that’s just it. It’s expected, it isn’t extraordinary.

Yet every once and a while I have these really incredible moments. These moments when I find myself immersed in what it is that I’m supposed to be doing. It is then that I rediscover who God has created me to be.

So how can we fight complacency then? With consistency.

Perhaps the key to fighting complacency and winning is to simply continue doing what you know you must do even when you feel drained and uninspired. It may just be another song or another blog post or another day on the job or whatever it may be. But the next song, the next blog post, the next day at work, the next “whatever” could be something truly spectacular. That very next endeavor could be the one that changes the world.

Don’t underestimate consistency when complacency wants to make itself known in your life.