Created and Called

October 29, 2021 · by Tiffany Strebeck

I can go through life and be a ‘good’ wife, mother, and woman of God, or I can be who He created me to be.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” 

As the old saying goes, before I was even a sparkle in my mama’s eye, God already knew who I would be. He had already determined what I would look like, what my talents and abilities would be, if I would like chocolate or peanut butter better (definitely chocolate!), what my flaws and insecurities would be.

He had already predestined who I would be.

He knew I would struggle with fear and self-confidence. He knew I would drink too much coffee and like chocolate cake a little too much. He knew I would write and sing, and homeschool my kids. He knew who I would marry, who my children would grow to be, and that I would gain gray hairs before I turned 35. Some of those things may sound silly, but God knew way back then every part of me, even the small stuff.

See, God is a God of the big stuff and the small stuff. He cares about every detail of who we are and the fabric that, woven together, forms us. He put those threads together to make the fabric to weave the person. Every aspect of the sum total of us was set into motion with purpose. We didn't just happen. We aren’t accidents. No matter what our story is, we didn’t come to be on this earth, at this time, coincidentally. God purposefully decided who we would be, formed us, created us, and called us.

You are here for a purpose.

God didn’t create and call us to merely exist. He created us with a purpose. Each of us was created with a unique calling and purpose on our lives that is specific to us. I can’t do what you’re called to do, and you can’t do what I’m called to do. Like snowflakes, we are each individually crafted for the place that God has set us, with talents and abilities meant for the purpose in which He has called us.

But we have a choice to make.

We can choose to just exist. We can live right, act right, serve God, and make Heaven our home, all while just scratching the surface of what He really had in store for us. 

Or we can shatter the box of ‘existing’ and break out into the full purpose and potential that God has set aside just for us.

I don’t want to walk through this life in the safe zone, not doing anything ‘wrong’ but never really doing it right. Outside the walls of my comfort zone is a world of unknowns where I am completely uncomfortable, insecure, and the path isn’t clear. Yet something inside of me longs to step across that line of comfort and see what God created me for, to launch into the anointing He formed for me.

I want to be everything He intended for me to be. I want to be the called, chosen, anointed woman of God that I was created to be. I don’t want to stop short of being who I was destined to be because I was paralyzed with fear and insecurity. I don’t want to shy away from the path He’s laid out for me because I can’t see what lies ahead. 

If He has called me to it, then He has created me to make it through it.

Breaking out of our comfort zones can be scary, friend, but I believe it’s worth it! Today, let’s decide to take that first step into becoming who God has created and called us to be.

Tiffany Strebeck

About Tiffany Strebeck

Tiffany Strebeck has been married to her husband for 14 years and is a mom to 3 wild kiddos and a plethora of chickens. She is a stay-at-home mom/homeschool teacher. Tiffany worships with the praise team at her home church, Sandy Lake United Pentecostal Church. She recently discovered a passion for teaching girl’s bible studies. She drinks too much coffee (if that’s even a thing) and loves to bake the day away or get lost in a good book. She is a writer at heart, stating, “nothing compares to letting my heart flow out into words”. She has self-published three books and has a blog at dayinthelifeof5.wordpress.com. Check out her Facebook and Instagram: ’Day in the Life of 5’.