Dainty Jewell’s Warehouse Tour

October 24, 2018

It’s been such a crazy year, but an exciting one, too!

The most significant thing that happened this year was that my husband and I welcomed our precious little Monty into the family in July. (I snuck in a picture of him below!) But another huge thing was that we completed Dainty Jewell’s’ new warehouse and held our Grand Opening in La Grande, Oregon this past summer. It’s been such an amazing experience!

Many of you have shown interest in seeing the new warehouse, but few people are able to make the trip out to La Grande (though you definitely should if you get the chance!). That’s why I’m excited to give you the grand tour here today.

Having this extra space and room to grow has been such a blessing, and I thank God often for making the building of the warehouse possible. 

The warehouse has an adorable little storefront where local people (or those willing to make the road trip!) can come and shop. The warehouse itself is set in a scenic area with a beautiful view of Oregon’s rugged landscape.

When you walk into the storefront, we have some of our favorite pieces out on display. This area is where our girls help customers shop during business hours.  They can browse, try on clothes, ask to see additional pieces and sizes, and make their purchases all from this room.

The first floor of our warehouse features offices, a kitchen, and our shipping station. Our staff does much of their day-to-day work in these rooms, filling orders, packaging them, taking phone calls, and answering customer messages.

Dresses for days!  Our storage area contains boxes and boxes of all our pieces in all sizes. Your orders are filled from the pieces here, and we have a fantastic team who stocks items and keeps track of orders and inventory.

Upstairs are more offices, storage space, another kitchenette, my sample room, and our conference room.
This lovely sitting area is part of my office — such a cheerful, beautiful place to look at while I work This much more masculine looking space is my husband, Jess’s, office. =) Though he leaves all the outfit designing to me, he is an integral part of Dainty Jewell’s’ operations!

Below is our conference room — better known as our “Dreams Room”! It’s perfect for team meetings, brainstorming, holding video conferences, and all other kinds of collaborating and planning. Such a fun, pretty place to work!
I love dreaming up new creations from the Dreams Room! If you can’t tell, I’ve been so excited to have such a beautiful space to work from. Atmosphere really can make a huge difference in productivity and inspiration.

As promised, here’s a peek at my sweet little boy! He’s already changed so much from when this picture was taken around Grand Opening time. He was only two weeks old here, but he still loves coming to work and helping Mommy brainstorm new ideas. (He also ensures I take plenty of breaks!)

This is me in one of my favorite places: the sample room! This room contains samples of many of our pieces — the ultimate room for playing dress-up!

We’ll be having a really fun live video on Tuesday, October 31st directly from this room. I’ll be featuring pieces that you want to see, as well as answering your questions and comments as they come in. Don’t miss out; it’s going to be lots of fun!

Well, that’s it for now — some of my favorite spaces in our new warehouse! If you’re ever in the area, I’d love for you to stop by and say hello! In the meantime, I hope this has given you a fun glimpse into the world of Dainty Jewell’s. 

Are there any other behind-the-scenes you’d love to see? Drop me a note in the comments, and we may be able to feature them here or on social media in the future.