Dainty Jewells X Courtney Toliver: Interview and Sneak Peek

March 12, 2024 · by Anyssa Hessler

Dainty Jewells is thrilled to collaborate with Courtney Toliver in a beautiful new collection this Spring. Today, we're sharing an exclusive interview with Courtney and a few sneak peeks of the upcoming collection. Courtney, thanks for joining us; we're so excited about this new collaboration with you!

SI: Tell us about yourself. What are some of your interests and hobbies? What does a typical day look like for you?

CT: I am someone who is always trying to find new hobbies and interests, and they usually change from time to time. I love reading, playing Pickleball or tennis, and, of course, I’ll never say no to a shopping day.

My days are filled with taking care of our new puppy lately. I forgot how much work they are but she’s so fun! Since I work from home, I’m blessed to be able to have very relaxing days. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I start out my day by making my usual. Those that follow my Instagram know that it’s avocado toast most of the time. ;) I then head upstairs to fulfill orders from my online shop that I received the day before. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I love to get outside every day. I try to go for a walk or even just do my Bible reading on a blanket in the yard or on our porch swing. Spring is definitely my favorite season and each year I’m reminded why I love it so much.

SI: How would you describe your personal style?

CT: My personal style is #1 comfortable. I just simply can’t be bothered to wear something that isn’t anymore. I love neutrals, natural textures, and flowy silhouettes. I like to say I have a comfortable, feminine style with a European influence.

SI: How would you describe this collection? What inspired you to pick the styles, prints, fabrics, colors, etc. that you did?

CT: These styles just scream femininity. They are timeless pieces that will always fit in your wardrobe and those are my favorite clothing items. The colors and the textures are perfect year round, but especially for spring and summer.

SI: Which dress from the collection is your favorite and why?

CT: This is tough because I truly adore them all. I would have to say the Sienna dress is my favorite. It is absolutely stunning in person and I love the way it flows when walking. It’s also so flattering!

SI: We all love your pics and following you for style and lifestyle inspo! Outside of clothes, what are some items you’re loving right now?

CT: I’m flattered! I have been loving my electric bike, my Owala water bottle (yes, I’ve been converted), and the grilled chicken wrap at Chick-fil-A!!

SI: We are so excited for Spring weather to arrive! What are some of your favorite things to do in the spring and summer?

CT: You and me both! My family was always big lake people growing up and I’m so thankful that Ansley’s family is, too. We have a small lake near us that we spend a lot of time at during the summer. Lake days filled with swimming, tanning, water sports, and finishing the day with grilling out with friends and family is my version of the perfect day.

Thank you for your time, Courtney! The Courtney Toliver collection will go live at 9:00 EST on March 15th. You can pick your favorites from our Coming Soon page here. Be sure to snag your picks quickly this Friday! We expect these gorgeous pieces to sell out soon!

Anyssa Hessler

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