Darling In Pink

June 05, 2015

Have you ever stood in front of your closet for a good solid 5 minutes and thought, “I have nothing to wear”? Although your closet is piled high and crammed packed with clothes, you still remain flustered on what to wear.  By then, it’s been pushing a good 20 minutes and you end up settling for your faithful “go-to-outfit.”  Trust me, I have my days when nothing seems to work out and in my frustration, I end up creating a disastrous mess within minutes!

The official summer date is almost here and you will want to have that perfect daytime outfit that’s hassle-free!

This striped Dainty Jewell’s dress is simply perfect for any daytime event! What I truly relish about the whole ensemble is how timelessly fashionable and comfortable it is.  And guess what, layering or extending for length and neckline isn’t needed!  That I love!

Pink should be incorporated in every girls closet for the simple fact of how fun and feminine it makes you feel.  If you experience those dreadful days when your expertise in fashion comes to nothing, go for a classic and simplistic look.  The trick is dressing an outfit up with a classic style that creates a prime and polished look.  IMG_5017

Not only does this eye-catching dress look completely feminine and fun, but it’s quick and easy.  Thus, you’re ready go as soon as you slip it on.  Wearing a black floppy hat is a must for a dress like this as it adds such a natural look of grace, poise, dignity, and charm.  Also, it’s best to fix your hair in a small side-do with a hat and dress such as this.  Since the hat already draws an excessive amount of attention, you wouldn’t want to over-do it by wearing your hair down.  This would only take away from the outfit!  Having a polished look along with a stylish side-do presents a well put-together appearance. On days that you are wanting to adventure for a new level of sophistication, try investing in a black, floppy.  You can wear them with almost any dressy summer attire.  I like to purchase mine at Stein Mart (their prices are reasonable).


For me, wearing stripes is completely effortless since it doesn’t require much of a need for accessorizing.  Accessorizing with stripes can be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t always need it. All you need for this dress is a basic accent color such as black or brown to acquire a finished look.

I chose a belt that was the same material as the dress so that it appears to have came with it. One thing to keep in mind when wearing a dress such as this is to make sure to pair it with the same type of material for the belt.  You could have a lot of fun when it comes to mixing and matching belts.  But this one I like so well because of the bow and material.


Now, I decided to switch the attire up a little bit to give an example of what it would appear like without the summer hat.  Wearing a scarf, belt, and hat would definitely be too busy to wear all at once. Thus, I wanted to give an illustration of how it’s better to wear it with just a scarf and belt alone. Depending on the outfit, wearing all three accessories (hat, belt, and scarf) together could create an overelaborated attire.  Styling a floral scarf with the striped dress brings enough detail to where you wouldn’t necessarily need a hat.  Fixing your hair up in a nice top knot or curly bun would be ideal.

Simplicity isn’t a bad thing when styled properly.  For example, carrying the little white clutch suits the outfit well.  Bigger doesn’t always guarantee it’ll be better; same goes for busier being better.  Always have the philosophy of wearing things that are classy, yet simplistic.


P.S.:: Always make sure to wear it all with a smile, because if not, your outfit isn’t complete!

Enjoy and let’s begin the summer with pink and stripes, Ladies!

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images courtesy of Sara Higgin’s Photography