Decorating with Pumpkins

October 11, 2016

Decorating for the fall season doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

While some may change out all of their home decor for the season, another option is just to add touches of fall to your house. The best way to add that fall feel is to simply decorate with pumpkins. Adding a few of these pumpkin decorations can give you that cozy fall home feeling we all crave this time of the year. And if you like to change your whole decor, you can still incorporate some of these pumpkin touches to your home to enhance it even more!

Keeping the pumpkin in its natural state can not only add color to a table or entryway, but can add the rustic decor that has remained popular for many years. The classic pumpkin can be found at most grocery stores or could even be a great excuse to visit a couple of pumpkin patches this season! Just search for the ones with the best shapes and least amount of blemishes and simply arrange them on a table!

natural pumpkin decor

image via Three Pixie Lane 

Painting pumpkins white will add fall decor to your house and blend in with a more upscale decor and will blend most color palettes. Adding these white pumpkins to a table centerpiece mixed with candles is a classy look that will go with almost anyone’s decorations. And if you can add a unique touch like these antlers would bring your pumpkins to a new level!


image via Tone on Tone

The idea of making a pumpkin a piece of your decor and functional is a brilliant idea. You can paint your pumpkin any color, or buy an unusual looking pumpkin and turn it into a vase! I personally love the arrangement featured in the picture, but you could do any floral arrangement you wish. This can be used in any room on any table in your home.


image via A Pumpkin and a Princess

If you are feeling exceptionally crafty, you can attempt to decorate a fancy pumpkin like this one! Imagine the color possibilities you can go with this pumpkin and the fun touch you could add to your home with it! You could make just one to stand out on its own or a few small ones to scatter through your decorations. Be sure to visit the Alisa Burke for a step-by-step DIY.

diy pumpkin

image via Alisa Burke  

Whatever style you choose to use in your home, whether is simple, upscale, rustic, or shiny, I hope you find a way to use a pumpkin (or two) in your fall decorating season!