Developing Modest Class

July 17, 2015

We can all bear witness of standing in front of our closets with innumerable pieces of clothing. However, what is it that creates that irritating problem that ends in a pile of clothes on your bed or floor that looks like Mt. Everest? Those innumerable pieces of clothing!

Developing modest fashion sense is a priceless treasure.  It’s characteristic of self-respect, dignity, confidence, and beauty.  While we must also obtain the inner modesty of compassion, love, and kindness — we also sanctify and purify our outward holiness! Holiness is an outward reflection from an inward possession.

So, let’s discover some of the essentials to developing modest fashion sense!


I love bright colors during the summer. On occasion, I will wear some darker colors or black when I desire a look of sophistication. That being said, wearing bright colors are not only great for summer — but for modesty’s sake as well!  Pastels are a major trend during the season of summer. You can mix and match all you want and it be hassle-free!  But with that comes one simple question: What can I pair with a fashionable ensemble without forsaking modesty?

First of all, you do not have to spend a fortune to obtain modest fashion. Trust me: I love shopping, but I also love going for reasonable prices! The first step to achieving style and class is investing in items that are reliable basics. One particular wardrobe essential is the cardigan. I can’t even begin to express how much of a life-saver they are in my closet with fashion and modesty. Not only that, but lace cardigans are highly essential when you want a more put-together and feminine look. In regards to primary colors — cream, white, or blush pink — is what you would want to invest in for summer. I wear cardigans with just about anything as they are quite versatile. Many times I have worn them to add length to sleeves or to give the attire a more complete look. They are wardrobe staples that have been my go-to for both dressy and casual occasion and a must-have for your own closet!


When you wear a subtle and dainty outfit, top it off with funky, fun heels!  They give the ensemble some pizzazz and eye-catching pops of color. The unexpected burst color and/or print creates just enough attention to take away from or overdo the outfit. It’s not a bad thing to wear a simple outfit with complementary colors and small designs and accessorize, which is a timeless fashion that will never cease to die.

Modest fashion that’s exquisitely classic and simple does not indicate that it’s frumpy, old, and out-of-date. There is a significant reason to Princess Diana and Princess Kate being such fashion icons: it’s because of their principles in modest fashion. Simplicity is just the start to modest fashion and ends with a mysterious beauty.

When it comes to embellishing an outfit accessories are key. I like to start with basic, high-quality pieces and embellish them accordingly. By that, I mean adding little glamorous details that improves the ensemble. Ladies, this doesn’t require adding as many unnecessary accessories as you possibly can in order to achieve best results.  All you need is classy yet basic accessories and garments to achieve beautifully modest attire. When you overdo and overemphasize a dressy outfit, it creates too much distraction that sets everything off. Try to focus on making delicate touches to your ensemble rather than making a loud statement.


Have a lovely weekend, Ladies!

Cardigan: TJ Maxx | Blouse: Stein Mart | Skirt: Goodwill | Heels: Von Maur | Watch: New York & Company | Barrette: Icing   | Purse: Francesca’s