Dinner Date Night Ideas

November 01, 2021 · by Whitney Gothra

As we get toward the end of the year, the weeks seem to fly by at dizzying speed. It takes a lot of intention to carve out time for date nights, especially if you have young children at home. My husband and I like to take turns planning fun date nights out or in, and I’m always looking for new ideas.

Below are a few unique date night ideas revolving around something that we all have: dinner! We all have to prepare or purchase food, so you might as well make it fun and turn it into a date night!


After a yummy home-cooked meal or dinner out, head to your local fancy grocery store produce aisle for dessert. Take turns picking out a new-to-you fruit, and see what you think! Dragonfruit, figs, starfruit, or those grapes that taste like cotton candy - have fun picking something new to try! Be sure and pick up a pack of M&Ms at the check out counter just in case your fruit is a little *too* unique. Haha!


Pick a night of the week and plan a special dinner. Then, starting with the letter “A,” make your way through the alphabet! Either pick up take out from a restaurant which has a name starting with “A” (like Applebee’s or Arby’s) or build your meal around an ingredient that starts with an “A” (like steamed asparagus or apple pie). A to Z gives you 26 date night dinners! This could be a fun activity to involve kids, or you can make mac-and-cheese for them to eat and then have your special date night dinner after they go to bed.


When you have extra time for a date night, pick a few of your favorite restaurants and visit them all. Have appetizers at one spot, then your main course at another restaurant, and finish up with dessert and coffee at your favorite sweet shop. This idea takes a little time and travel, but it will definitely lead to a fun and delicious evening!


Have a taste test night at home. Pick up a dozen different candy bars, several varieties of apples, or different brands of ice cream. See which one you and your spouse vote is the most delicious! You might even find a new favorite brand of chocolate, and that is ALWAYS a win.

Hopefully one of these sparked an idea for a dinner date night with you and your special someone!

Whitney Gothra

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