DIY Christmas Stocking

December 21, 2017

This will be my and my husband’s first Christmas in our new home. We are blessed to have a fireplace that is perfect for hanging garland, pinecones, and, of course — stockings!

While shopping for my Christmas decorations, I simply could not find stockings that fit the look I wanted. My color scheme this year is warm neutrals — gold, bronze, copper and touches of white — and all the stockings I came across were bright red and green. When you want something done right – you’ve got to do it yourself so I headed over to the fabric store to gather the supplies to make my own!

I’m not much of a seamstress but I do know the basics of operating a sewing machine; however, this project is simple enough to do without a machine. In fact, I sewed a couple of these stocking by hand while tucked in a warm blanket! However you choose to make these stockings, it won’t take you any time at all!

I purchased just one yard of fabric. The fabric is lightweight cotton but a thicker more durable blend might be something to consider if you plan to really stuff those stockings!

Begin by folding the fabric in half, the long seam horizontal, the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Use chalk or an ink pen to outline the stocking. I have a decent freehand but to avoid too many lines on the fabric, you may want to draw the outline on a piece of paper instead. Use either your paper cutout or first fabric cut to outline the rest of the stockings. I could fit three stockings on a single yard.

Within the stocking outline, pin the two pieces of fabric to ensure a clean cut and cut out with scissors. Keep the pins intact and sew along the edges, leaving at least a quarter inch rim. Once completely sewn turn right side out.

Now it’s time for the cuff and the possibilities are endless! Use a fabric of a different design, texture, find a large ribbon, one with tassels – you can do so much here to add a personal touch. I found a fun, glitter, burlap ribbon that went well with my décor theme. I folded just under ½ inch of the top of the stocking out and over to create a rim. To add the ribbon, I slowly used a hot glue gun and was sure that ends of the ribbon met in the back.

Lastly I sewed a ribbon loop, a couple of inches long, to the stocking rim. And just like that, I was finished! It cost me under $20 to make three stockings – not a bad price for a personalized design! Your project could cost a little less or a little more given your choice of finishes.

I hung these adorable stockings above our fireplace with care and my Christmas décor was finally complete!

What are some of your favorite items for stocking stuffers? Let me know in the comments!