DIY Silhouette Pillow

May 14, 2015

When I get an idea in my mind it’s very difficult for me to abandon it and go another route.

Some would call this stubborn, but I like to think of it as driven.

So, when I was browsing pinterest and saw a rustic nursery with animal silhouettes mixed with gray, wood and plaids, my mind was made up. The only problem came when I actually wanted to find a blanket, pillow and accessories to decorate the nursery for our soon arriving baby boy and found nothing. Absolutely nothing.

To make things worse, I live in a pretty rural town without a fabric store. So my mom volunteered to help me find fabric and accesssories to DIY the nursery I had in mind. Because of her valiant efforts, which included visiting every fabric store she had close by and 5 FaceTime sessions, we were able to find perfect fabric to complete baby Colton’s nursery.


While pinteresting (I totally made that word up, but it should definitely be a word by now, right?) I came across several pillows with deer heads or bear silhouettes that would be just perfect for the nursery. What wasn’t perfect was the price. These pillows were $50 and up. Fifty dollars for a pillow, people! I knew I could make something that would match the nursery and be just as cute as those expensive pillows.

I wanted to share this DIY with you because these steps can be followed for simply any decor. If you love seasonal pillows, for example, but hate the price tag then this DIY is for you. You can easily grab a cheap pillow cover, make a quick stencil and change out your pillows for every season.

What You’ll Need:


Pillow Cover


Needle & Thread

Straight Pins

Liquid Stitch


Fabric of your choice


Lay the stencil on your fabric, pin it, trace it and cut it out. I googled bear silhouette and printed one out to use as my stencil.

IMG_0562 2

Liquid Stitch the cut-out on the pillow case cover. My cover came with a little piece of cardboard inside which was perfect for slipping inside while I used the Liquid Stitch. It’s definitely important to put something inside the pillow case so you don’t end up with it adhered closed and rendering a useless pillow case.


Really the Liquid Stitch alone would have been enough, but I went ahead and hand stitched the border of the bear for an added decorative feature. It took a century, so I really hope the baby appreciates my hard work.  


All done! The price comes in at around $20 or less depending on what you have on hand. 

I love how it turned out! Now all I need is a sweet little baby to cuddle up with.