DIY Tassel Garland

June 21, 2021 · by Andrea Long

Summer is upon us, and it seems like our schedules are crazier than ever. Graduation celebrations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, summer parties, weddings, etc. and etc. pack our days and evenings. 

I’m always on the lookout for cute and quick (and cheap!) DIY decorations, especially when my days are so hectic. Recently, we had a baby shower at church, and the theme was bohemian. I was left scrambling because boho is out of my league! After wracking my brain (and searching frantically on Pinterest), I had the idea for this easy-peasy yarn garland. It’s so simple, anyone can make it! 

All you need is:


Yarn (I bought three different colors, one roll of each)

A book to wrap the yarn around

Begin by wrapping the yarn around a book width-wise 20-30 times (I did 30). Keep in mind that the more you wrap, the fuller your tassel will be.

Once you’ve wrapped your yarn, snip the end from the roll and slide a small 2 inch piece between the spine and your wrapped yarn. Tie a knot with this small piece to secure and gather the top.

Cut across the pages part to release the yarn from the book. You should have a thick section of yarn held together in the middle by the small string.

Take another small piece (about 4 inches) and tie it around the thick piece, about a quarter of the way down. Gather the end and trim any long pieces to equal length. And you’ve created your first tassel! Use a long piece of yarn to string your tassels, alternating colors if you’re doing multiple colors.

This garland isn’t only good for baby showers! Use it for birthday parties, get-togethers, or even as your own home decor.

Andrea Long

About Andrea Long

Andrea Long is editor and manager of The Dainty Jewell's Blog. She is also a Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home mom of 2 precious boys. Her life is full of adventure as she travels with her evangelist husband and little ones in a "tiny home on wheels". She enjoys finding ways to decorate her small space, time with her family, a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and as much time at her piano as possible. Andrea considers herself very blessed to live this life for her Faithful Friend. Follow Andrea on Instagram @andreagrindlelong.