Down to the Wire

January 26, 2018

(Photographer:Rebecca Bowley)

Heyyy, Ladies!

It has been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of talking with you, so I want to get down to a little nitty-gritty today!

This post is meant to inspire and motivate you — to make you question your method of lifestyle and to be overall thought-provoking content. It’s not going to be beautifully written out – rather, it’ll be words that will (hopefully) push you toward the level you are designed to reach!

My first question to you is: What are you doing to better your health? Right now . . . on this current day? I’m not talking about the beginning of the year if you started a New Year’s Resolution. I am talking about right. now.

My second question to you is: Is it working? Are you motivated and happy with what you are doing? Is it a diet, or is it a lifestyle? Are you trying to lose 10 pounds quick . . . or are you taking your time and losing it the right way?

My third question to you is: What is your plan of action? Maybe you have fallen off of the New Year’s bandwagon. How are you going to get back in motion? Are you winging it? Are you fumbling through — not really sure about what you are doing, just hoping it works?

I want you to really think about those questions. . . .

and really think about your answers!

Then I want you to decide if it is worth it. Yes — worth it!

Is your health worth it? Are all of the things that health, fitness, agility, and strength bring to your life — are they worth it? Is it worth it for your family — or your potential family? Or is it more “worth it” to do nothing?

I know all of those questions can be a little harsh, but as people and planners, we need to look at the future (our future) just as much as we are looking at the present!

If you have decided, “YES! I’m going to go for it!” — then keep reading this post for some vital information that will assist you in reaching your goals.

Find what you like to do. I have said this before but I mean it! If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you won’t be nearly as effective. The burnout is real, and it happens when we overdo something we don’t enjoy.

Whatever you are doing, add resistance training to it! You may enjoy Zumba, a run, or playing ball with your kids. While all of those things are great, those are not enough! We as women NEED to add strength and muscles to our bodies. Why you ask? We are incredibly predisposed to bone deterioration, osteoporosis, back problems, and more. As someone who has lived with back problems her whole life, the best advice I have ever gotten from my doctor was keep your core strong. Keep weight-lifting. And that advice continues to ring true today!

In a moment of truth and honesty, to help you understand the importance of maintaining a strong body —

Early in 2017, I went through an incredibly stressful time while trying to balance finals at school, church, work, friendships, etc. After losing my appetite and stopping my weight-lifting routine (I couldn’t work out if I didn’t have fuel), I lost 26 lbs — 26 lbs. on someone who didn’t have 26 lbs. to lose. Through keeping my body strong throughout my teenage years and early 20s, I bounced back from a corrective back surgery at the age of 17 and lived a virtually pain-free life even through multiple disk herniations, etc. When I lost all of that weight early last year, the pain in my back literally drove me to my knees. I couldn’t get out of bed: I had lost all of my core strength. Last August, I started slowly getting back into my regular routine, and today I am in full swing, strong, and happy — AND RELATIVELY PAIN-FREE!

Where our bones fail,

our muscles take over.

If you are not weight-lifting or resistance-training, that is what you are missing. Your muscles work for you 24/7. They burn calories even when you’re not moving. They act as a corset and pull in tight. They give you the endless possibilities of trying new things.

If you are not sure where to start and need help and guidance — or maybe you just want more tips, workouts, and motivation — http://thefittedgem.com is a community for women to learn more and grow together in strength and knowledge. We are also on IG @thefittedgem

Let’s get intentional with our health, ladies!

Photographer: Rebecca Bowley