Dreaming Of A White Wedding

November 28, 2014

Image via Fab You Bliss 

As the seasons are rapidly changing, the crisp autumn leaves vanish slowly, silently to the ground and then turn into pure, white snow. Orange becomes the new red, and bonfires and s’mores transfer into fireplaces and hot cocoa. Then in a blink of an eye, you find yourself in awe of a winter wonderland. This is a season for couples to walk happily down the snow covered, city sidewalks, and people rushing in and out of stores with their arms filled with shopping bags.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, our bellies are full, we are ready to begin preparing for yet another holiday. This is a time for humanity to enjoy all the Christmas lights that adorn homes, trees, and light posts; a time to relish snowmen built in front yards, smoke barreling out of chimneys, and folks dressed up like Eskimos. But, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, you may also hear the ring-a-ling of wedding bells gloriously announcing the news of an enchanting, winter wedding.

Image via Joyeux Marriage Photography 

What captivates me most about winter weddings is how the snow creates such a magical, dreamy, and flawless appearance. With the glistening snow, you would need very little props to enhance scenery. Striking photos like these are truly timeless treasures.


Image via Weddbook and Photo by Melissa Jordan Photography

Creating the perfect wedding decor where all the colors and styles are complementary can definitely be a hassle, which is why I think sticking to two or three colors that harmonize well is essential. With pink and red being my two favorites colors, it’s almost impossible to select one between the two. So, I would improvise with a soft blush color and cranberry like this one to create a lovely color palette.

Image via The Knot

I absolutely love the elegant, winter appearance of these designs. The soft lace and floral ornaments blend beautifully with the winter wonderland appeal to the lit trees. The neutral colors correlate rather well with the rich taste of cranberry that creates a unique attraction of ravishing little details.

Image via Cake Events Blog

How could anyone have a winter wedding and not serve hot cocoa at their reception?  This cute hot cocoa bar idea is darling, simple, and a must for the season and occasion. Besides, who wouldn’t want to serve a cup of cocoa cheer to their guests? I also love how the simplicity of keeping everything white and chocolate for the color scheme of the table decor.  From the white mugs filled with delicious hot cocoa, marshmallows scattered on a white cake plate, to the white dolie covered table, everything about the idea of a hot cocoa bar is simply perfect for a winter wedding reception.

Image via ModWedding

And this cake. Oh, this cake! What a perfect depiction of what winter looks like in north; a bare cake, decorated simply with luscious fruit and a few strategically placed flowers is perfectly lovely!