Dutch Braid & Bun For Long Hair

February 16, 2024 ยท by Laura Grindle

Today I am showing you how to add a dutch braid to any hair style! The key is to remember to braid UNDER and not over. :) A new hairstyle is sometimes easiest mastered when practicing on another person, so grab your little sister, daughter, or a friend and get to braiding! HAPPY FRIDAY!

What you'll need:


-Hair pins


-Plump for Joy (Not Your Mothers)

-Hair scarf (optional)

Laura Grindle

About Laura Grindle

Laura Grindle is a full-time wife and mommy. She and her husband, Jordan, live in East Texas with their 4 children: Payton, Baylor, Jentry, & Marli. Her days are spent wiping the noses of her little ones, quoting them for Bible Quizzing, volunteering for PTO, subbing at the local elementary school, and being a minister's wife with lots of coffee in between! In her free time, she enjoys vacationing with her family, trying new recipes, and decorating her home!