Easy 2-Step Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

December 04, 2017

Are you one of the “Christmas music all year ’round” types or are you team “no Christmas music ’til after Thanksgiving”?

I’m a musician, so Christmas starts early for me: we start prepping music in September and then begin rehearsals in October. It can be a little overwhelming, so I refuse to listen to Christmas music for pleasure until my mom and I start cooking Thanksgiving dinner. THEN it’s ok for all the holidays to hit full force!

Anyway, because Christmas starts so early for me, I generally start thinking of Christmas gifts early, too. I have a pretty specific 2-step gifting plan this year that I’m sharing with you, and hopefully it will make your Christmas shopping list just a tad easier! I’m going for useable + consumable items that I can either purchase online or from local sources, and so far it’s made preparing for the holidays easy, stress-free, and quite fun, too!

1. Useable stuff

Only buy what you know they absolutely love + want + need. The best gifts are ones that can be used all year: gifts that are lovely + practical, thoughtful + usable.

For the coffee lover:
Rae Dunn mugs are “the thing” for a reason: they’re cute, versatile, and BIG!
— Support local pottery businesses and find unique, hand-made products that are quality and oh-so-special. Find local potters through your art museums, craft shops, or art stores.
French press coffee makers make the best coffee (hands down!)
— A bag of coffee beans from your local roaster or coffee shop. I always recommend my local Muggswigz (and yes… they do ship!)

For the girl boss:

— This “Boss Lady” to-go mug will give every career girl all the heart eyes.
Power Sheets from Lara Casey. Your girl boss will love these sheets to help her stay organized, goal-oriented, and on-track for the new year!

For the college student:
Pretty gold pens make taking notes and creative writing assignments so much more interesting!
Planners are life. This one has both weekly and monthly views to help keep the busy girl super organized!

2. Consumable stuff

Who doesn’t love food? And if they don’t love food they love tea or sparkling water or something… right?! You can’t go wrong with a delicious gift of food in my book.

For the chocoholic:
Heggy’s Chocolates. Again, this place is one my little local secrets. Your friends who love chocolate will be indebted to you for life with this delicious gift!
Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. Want to be their favorite person? This is your go-to.

For the snacker:
Plantain Chips. Ummm I think I’m gonna need to grab a snack of these really quick before I finish this post….
Sourdough pretzels are the perfect crunchy snack for book reading,
game playing, and hang time! This massive jar from World Market is such a great deal, too!

For the foodie:
— A gift card to a favorite (or new!) local restaurant is always fun to use when the holidays have past.
— Baking homemade sweets + using family heirloom recipes are my personal favorite gifts.
Ginger Beer (a nonalcoholic beverage similar to ginger ale but with a bit more ginger flavor) is a really fun way to say “I love you” during the holidays!

What are your favorite gifts to give and/or receive? Let me know in the comments below!

photography by LovelyInk Creative