Elegant Easter Updo

March 14, 2024 · by Kami Keyzer

This curly updo is easy and elegant; with the soft and flowing look of the curls and framing facial pieces, it would be perfect for Easter Sunday! All you need it a hair tie, bobby pins, hair spray, a curling iron or wand, and some pretty clips to finish off the look! 

Kami Keyzer

About Kami Keyzer

Kami is a wife to her evangelist husband and "Mama" to 3 precious kiddos. She loves all things coffee, thrifting, traveling, and plants. She loves to take pictures of everything. She also enjoys listening to a podcast or reading a good book, making hair tutorials and spending time with family. She has been involved in music ministry in church since a young age and feels it’s truly her passion to sing and to worship. She feels so blessed beyond measure - that God has given her so much - and she loves living this life for Him. You can follow Kami on Instagram at @kamikeyzer.