Fall Fashion For Warm Weather

October 30, 2015

Fall. What a glorious time of year!

With a diverse palette of leaves, a bit of relief from the heat, and a promise of nearing holidays, fall is quite simply a “feel-good” season.

Yet, although I like to imagine that I live in a place possessing four distinct seasons, my area of the world will experience winter on Tuesday and summer that Thursday; therefore, though I want to bundle up and add layer upon layer as befits the season, eskimo clothing and 90 degree weather have a hard time coexisting.

And so I looked for an answer. How do we fall-adoring ladies living in indecisive-weather dress for the season while still remaining comfortable? The answer, my dear ladies, is to incorporate fall patterns with summer neutrals.

Let the fall pattern make its statement; it will be the focus of the outfit and thus allow you to appear seasonal without the extensive layers. In this outfit, my fall focus was a high-waisted, black and cream, plaid skirt with a uniquely cut pockets. The neutral tones of the plaid aided in blending the tones of the outfit, while the pattern acts as the statement piece.

Neutral pairings are ok; simplistic statements will make any outfit classic. Black and cream were the color theme that I ran with, picking a few of my summer favorites, my blouse from XXI and my full-length, lace vest for added interest. The summer pieces follow the vintage, neutral theme of the skirt and easily transition into lightweight, fall-appropriate pieces.

Finally, the shoes. These leather, heeled sandals by Arturo Chang are also a summer piece of mine that I used for a contrasting neutral which I blended with the belt tone.

There is always a way to look your best and be comfortable. Be prepared and thankful for the warm days of Fall as well as the cool.