Fall is Full of Color

September 29, 2014

Fall is full of color this year!

With the upcoming launch of Dainty Jewell’s 2014 Fall Collection, we have several all new, original outfits that will be coming your way on October 6th! Charity Jewell, the 21 year old CEO and designer extraordinaire of Dainty Jewell’s, has so generously agreed to give us a sneak preview of the collection and has answered some of our questions of what we’ll see in this year’s designs.

She’s Intentional: How many new outfits will there be?

Charity Jewell: Over 30! We really worked hard on this season’s styles. This collection is FULL of rich prints, colors, and beautiful new designs.

SI: Will any outfits from previously released collections be coming back?

CJ: Yes. Our ever-popular Chevron dress is coming back in new colors, along with another one we posted a sneek peak of on our Instagram (@daintyjewells) a couple weeks ago that is a chevron print with lace! It’s so perfect! We also have the popular “Truth of the Flatter” dress coming back in several new prints. Our customers loved that one for spring!

SI: What colors and color combinations are popular with the Fall 2014 Collection?

CJ: I love variety! I am not one to stick with one color all the time, so there are many color combinations. We have a navy, cranberry, eggplant, and mustard among others.

SI: What kind of fabrics and patterns will we see in this collection?

CJ: Lots of prints! Stripes, dots, and — my favorite — medallions. The fabrics are all so fabulous too!

SI: Are there both casual and dressy outfits in the new collection?

CJ: YES! We have about 10 dresses that can easily be worn for dressy or casual occaasions. So fun!

SI: I’m sure this is a difficult question since you design the outfits, but do you have a personal favorite out of this collection that you’re really excited about?

CJ: Oh wow! That is a hard question. I seriously love them all. When I say this is my favorite collection so far, it truly is! I would have to say that there is a black/cream dress coming that is to DIE for! It’s stunning. But then there is a striped one, and a chevron one, and.. well, I guess you’ll find out soon!

Image courtesy of Thia Photographie