Falling In Love On Purpose

February 13, 2016

I met my husband in August and by September I knew I was going to marry him. It was a crazy feeling, but without knowing him very well at all, or having any serious conversations with him, I just knew he was the one.

In reality, this experience was an answer to prayers that I’d been praying since I was a young teen. After watching others experience the ups and downs of dating, I prayed that God would lead me to Mr. Right so we could get married and live happily ever after without all the craziness of dating and heartbreak. God answered my prayer! As a matter of fact, my husband and I didn’t officially date before we got engaged that December.

You’ve probably heard the term, love at first sight, right? Me, too! What young girl doesn’t dream of catching the eye of the most handsome young man and falling in love instantly?

While I was lucky enough to catch the eye of the most handsome guy ever, I have to admit that love at first sight was not a reality in our love story.

Attraction? Yes.

But, love? Nope!

I knew he was the one, and I knew I would marry him before I ever fell in love. After all, how can you love someone you barely know? Thankfully, I was ok with that because I truly believed that God was orchestrating this and I decided to trust Him.

So, I set out to get to know my future husband — intentionally!

It wasn’t the easiest thing to do. We weren’t able to spend a lot of time together before we got married. After we were engaged, my future groom went back to work almost 3,000 miles away. I stayed home to plan a wedding and spend some time with my family.

After hours spent on the phone every day, I definitely fell head-over-heals for my handsome guy. After almost 9 years, I am deliriously happy. I am more in love now than I ever thought possible!

There are several things I could talk about from our relationship, but I will focus on only two.

1. Falling In Love With The Guy

When it comes to falling in love, really falling in love, we all have to make the choice.

Attraction and compatibility are important parts of having a successful relationship. But that guy you’re hung up on only has the influence over your life that you choose give him. If he doesn’t align with the plans God has for you, why would you make that choice? The more you spend time with someone you’re attracted to, the easier it is for you to lose you heart to them.

The wise choice is to protect your heart and don’t let it get too involved with anyone you know is not right for you.

You have a choice!

Choose to surround yourself with people who are as passionate about living for God as you are. Choose to recognize when a relationship won’t work. Then, don’t pursue it, however casual you think it might be.

You choose to fall in love on purpose, whether you realize it or not. Choose to wait for the right guy rather than giving your heart so easily to just anyone.

2. Falling In Love With Jesus

If falling in love with the guy doesn’t happen on accident, then falling in love with Jesus doesn’t either.

Honestly, when I look back to the beginning of my marriage and what I thought was love, I have to shake my head. My concept of love was so limited! Experiencing life with my husband over the last 9 years has given me a much greater understanding of love than I had as a newlywed. I’m sure my perception of love will change even more, and I hope it does! Love truly gets sweeter and sweeter as time goes on.

The love I have for my husband has grown through hours of conversations, sharing our dreams, and facing some very difficult times together, as well as some satisfying victories. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to love my husband more than I did the day before. But, the more time we spend together and the more we truly become one flesh, the more I love him.

The same is true for a relationship with Jesus.

I can say with my lips that I love Him all day long. I can profess to love Him more today than I did yesterday. But unless I am learning more about him, relying on Him, experiencing every high and low with Him, talking to Him, and more, my love for Him will not grow.

What an amazing experience it is when Jesus saves us, cleans us up, and gives us a purpose! It’s like standing there on your wedding day looking into the eyes of your groom.

It’s love!

It’s amazing!

But, if that’s where your relationship begins and ends, then you’ll never understand what true love for Jesus really is. Worse, you may never comprehend how much He really loves you as well.

You have a choice! You can intentionally pursue Him and develop a relationship with Jesus that outshines any other.

You already know He’s the One, so give Him your heart and live intentionally for Him.