Family Photos 101

July 28, 2021 ยท by Charity Walter

A family portrait is a beautiful way to document a memory and showcase your family. But it can be quite challenging to coordinate it all and capture the right image. 

Today, I'm sharing my top tips and tricks to make your family photos go smoothly and look fabulous.

I always start with my dress because that's the easiest.

I normally have a new Dainty Jewell's dress or two that I want to wear. I will base whether we go more business casual or super formal from my outfits. I think about what color looks good with my skin tone and hair as I choose. 

Choose coordinating colors, not matching. Color balance is everything!

Then, I take a look at the guy's clothing. I pick out the clothes I want my husband to wear and coordinate my son's outfit based on colors and patterns.

Tip: I try not to do the same pattern unless it's a perfect match, otherwise the patterns clash.

I try to stick to neutrals for the boys and pops of color for myself.

Once I have the main portions of the outfits picked out, I'll add in the tie for my husband which will normally accent and bring in the color scheme. (If you are going for more casual for the husband, you could do a button down shirt with a pattern that would tie the colors together.)

Lastly, I add in shoes.

Tip: Avoid brown and black shoes together - they clash! Try brown and tan, brown and brown, black and black, etc. instead.

Other considerations:

Home decor: Think about it...you will most likely have one or two portraits from this session hanging in your house. Keep in mind your decor style and colors and find clothing that will coordinate seamlessly with your home.

Background: Where will you be taking your photos? At the beach? In a field? Fall landscape or a summer one? Be sure that your color scheme complements and does not compete with the background.

Season: Each season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) has a color scheme. This can assist you in selecting the clothing for your pictures.

Accessories: If you want to add texture to your photos, add accessories (scarves, hats, gloves, belts, etc). Accessory pieces can tie in the family outfits and be that extra "pop" you're wanting. For example, you can match Dad's tie pattern with your daughter's scarf (plaid, stripe, etc).

Plan, plan, plan: Lay out your outfits on your bed or the floor to get a good idea of how it all flows. This ensures that your clothing is cohesive and you don't overlook an important item.

Stay classy: When all else fails, keep your outfits to timeless, classic pieces. Styles and fads change, but those photos will stick around for a long time.

Have fun!: The most important thing to remember is to have fun and allow your family personality to shine.

Photos by @elizabeth.and.george 

Charity Walter

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