Fashion Tips for Dressing Modestly: Guest Post by Sarah Copeland

May 31, 2018

Hello, ladies! Today I’m sharing the basic guidelines that I follow to get dressed for the day, to feel confident, and to also hopefully shine the light of God!

I believe my interest in fashion began when I was a little girl during numerous trips to the fabric store with my grandma. I would sit and look at the pattern catalogs trying to decide which dress I wanted her to make me for Old Fashioned Day at school, the highlight of the school year for me (nerdy, I know). That gradually turned into which dress I wanted her to make me for church, a conference, or a banquet. I found that I was always drawn to the vintage section of the dresses. I loved the gathered waistlines, pleats, bows, and the classic A-line skirts that were so flattering and feminine. Trends come and go, but to this day, that is my go-to style that always makes me feel like a lady. That brings me to three things I always subconsciously have in mind when I get dressed for the day or for going out.

Am I Modest?

Everybody is different, but personally, I don’t like for my skirts to curve under my rear end. I also try not to draw unnecessary attention to my chest area (or lack thereof). And while I do not recommend walking around in a sack dress (although those can be comfy), there are dresses that are fitted or complement your figure while still remaining godly.

Am I Feminine?

I always like to have a touch of femininity. Whether it is a ribbon tied in my hair or cute heeled sandals, there are numerous ways to help you feel feminine! Forsake the black pencil skirt in favor of a summery white, flared skirt. Tie a scarf around your neck. Try tucking your shirt in or tying the ends of your shirt to remind yourself you have a waist. Curl your hair. Moisturize your lips (and your eyebrows). Curl your eyelashes. Wear a hat. Also, don’t forget the two Ps: perfume and posture. I always think that a girl is never fully dressed without perfume. My grandma always told me, “Shoulders back!” Stand up straight; be proud and happy that you are a child of God who is holding up a standard of holiness and letting your light shine!

Keep it Classy, Sarah.

I try to keep only nice things, which is hard to do sometimes, especially if a particular item of clothing is comfortable or has sentimental value. Say goodbye to the purse with the binding that is peeling, or the blouse that has piling, or the cute corduroy skirt that is looking faded (still sad about this one!).

Ultimately, my desire is to let my light shine through my personal presentation. I want people to be drawn to what I have inside, hopefully realizing that I am not showing off my body. While there is a time and a season to wear a sweatshirt to the grocery store, maybe pair it with a cute A-line skirt and put a ribbon in your hair. Ask yourself: Will what I am wearing draw someone to or push them away from my faith?

P.S. Being a feminine female is fun! Remember to remain humble when the compliments multiply.

Sarah Copeland was born and raised in Fresno, California. She’s earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from California State University, Fresno, and now lives in beautiful Buford, Georgia, with her wonderful husband and two cats. Sarah serves as the music director for First Pentecostal Church of Buford, where she also teaches private piano and voice lessons.