Fashionable Mom Style

October 20, 2014

When I used to work outside of the home, I wore gorgeous high heel shoes everyday, had handbags that I changed frequently, and clothes that portrayed a careful, professional appearance. Once I had my first baby and started staying home, however, I knew my style was going to change, but I still didn’t want to look frumpy! I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for three years so far and I still find myself getting on Pinterest to find comfortable “mom styles” that don’t require me to sacrifice fun and fashion just to be comfortable.

Image via Sole Society

For me, the most important aspect of an outfit is my shoe selection. As a mom, I don’t want to balance a baby on my hip, get up and down off of the floor too often and be on my feet all day in heels. I saved all of my shoes because I still wear my treasured high heels to church every week and I love dressing up for date nights. But now, Monday through Friday I love flats. Flats don’t have to be frumpy and I love that I can find them with fun prints and patterns. I’m drooling over these strappy flats and think they would be perfect for the fall!


Image via Gurl

I love that maxi skirts are so popular and easy to find. Maxi skirts are my choice skirts because of their length–I can get on the floor with my kids and stay modest, and that’s not always easy in my knee-length skirts! And since they’re trendy I can still look fashionable in the longer skirt. You could transform a maxi skirt similar to this one for fall by adding a long sleeve tee and a heavier scarf.

chambray shirt
Image via Shabby Apple 

A denim shirt is a perfect “mom shirt” because it’s versatile. Keep it unbuttoned with a colored tank top underneath, or button it up, tuck it in, add a scarf, layer it with another tee…you get the idea! You can make it work for staying home, taking the kids to a park, heading to lunch with friends; it’s seriously the perfect shirt.

Image via Style for the Seasons

And finally, to keep your mom style from becoming frumpy, don’t forget your accessories! I mentioned scarves quite a few times already because I’m in love with them! I enjoy scarves because I can keep my style casual while at home but if I’m going to run to the store I can throw a scarf on and it immediately takes the outfit up a notch.

skinny belt

Image via Ann Taylor

Belts are another wonderful touch. You don’t have to wear them at home but a button up shirt with a skinny belt is perfect if you’re going out to grab lunch or even taking your kids to the library. You can pair a belt with a scarf and really look like you tried!

London Fog

Image via Maple & West

And of course you can’t forget about the bag. Now that I’m past the diaper bag stage but still have to carry a couple of diapers, wipes, sippy cups and my things, I like to carry a bag that can hold everything and look cute at the same time. I also don’t want to switch bags every day, so I prefer a bag that can be used for most outfits. I’m currently carrying the London Fog bag pictured above and it’s wonderful. The color allows daily wear with most outfits and it’s still nice enough to carry for church, too.

Mom style needs to be easy since we don’t always have a lot of time to get ready. It also needs to be comfortable so we can hang out with our kids. But, easy and comfortable do not have to be frumpy or sloppy. I hope these few tips will help a mom or two be inspired and give fashion and style a new perspective on every day dressing.