First International Esther Conference

October 31, 2023 ยท by Charity Walter

This past month, I was honored to be a part of the first ever International Esther Conference in the Philippines! 

It was a beautiful time with over 60 girls from all over the Philippines in attendance. What a wonderful time we had! The first night, we had such a powerful move of the Holy Ghost in church service. 

On this first night, we were able to hand out over 75 Dainty Jewells' dresses to the ladies of the Philippines...all because of your support! Back in August, we reached out to our lovely customers for help in providing the young ladies at the Esther Conference with beautiful Dainty Jewells' dresses (read about it here). Many of the families in this region aren't able to afford anything like this, so this opportunity was perfect to be able to bless the family of God in another nation. Through the Dainty Jewells' Foundation, this goal was reached, and our sisters in the Philippines were so grateful. 

On the second day, we had classes on modesty, entrepreneurship, singing, hair, etc. - all fun, girl stuff! 

We also hosted the first ever in-person Dainty Jewells' design contest! I was blown away by the creativity these girls had! They created the cutest little dresses using only fabric, glue, and scissors. We had several winners, but the main winner will have the dress she designed made by Dainty Jewells just for her!

On the last night, we had a royal coronation for the next generation of Esthers. There was such a special presence of God during this beautiful time. A banquet was prepared for all the Esthers, and we enjoyed a singspiration together! 

On Sunday, my husband and I were able to go to the Sikatuna church, where my husband preached. We met so many amazing people and were so blessed by this church. 

A huge 'thank you' to the precious people who put on this conference - the Buxtons, the Burgesses and their church in Carthage, MS, and the home church in Bohol, Philippines, along with countless others who gave of their finances, support, and prayers for this amazing event. We were all blessed by your efforts! 

Enjoy some additional pictures of the beautiful Philippines and the first International Esther Conference!

Charity Walter

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Charity Walter is designer and CEO of Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel and the founder of She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewell's Blog. Aside from designing breathtaking, modest dresses, Charity loves music, working with the youth at her church, and spending time with her husband, Jess, and adorable sons, Monty and Remington. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest in lovely La Grande, Oregon. Follow Charity on Instagram at @charityjewellwalter.