Floral and Fishtails

September 18, 2015

As most of you begin snuggling up in infinity scarves and sipping your pumpkin spice lattes, have a moment of silence for your homesick friend. I wish I could enjoy fall along with you! Florida calls fall 75 degrees and this Indiana native knows better than that.

dutchfishtail (3 of 3)

I recently mastered the Dutch-fishtail braid and I have to be honest with you: it took me about 50 tries and 20 tutorial views to finally understand how to do this braid. Alas, I found an easy to follow tutorial for this style from Abby on Twist Me Pretty. She offers so many beautiful hairstyles with tutorials on her site. (I could just browse her hair gallery for days!) 

dutchfishtail (4 of 1)

What drew me to this hairstyle is that it ends up looking effortless by being a little messy. That gives it a whimsical flair which I loved along with my new floral ASOS dress. My shoes are from Forever 21 (similar styles here and here) and I feel like they’re a cross between a booty and a sandal, just perfect for that in-between summer and fall weather.

You don’t have to put away your favorite summer wardrobe pieces quite yet. Simply add a jacket, a fury vest or some booties and you’re instantly dressed for those tricky transitional summer-to-fall days!

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