Flowered Canvas Art

June 16, 2015

Canvas art is really popular right now — and rightfully so because it’s a great way to dress up the walls of your home!

However, I find the prices of canvas art slightly expensive and many times the design looks simple enough for me to do on my own. I love the way these flowered canvases turned out and while they were a gift for someone else I added them to my ever-growing list of crafts I want to make for myself.

DIY Canvas Art by Ashley Moss on She's Intentional

Canvas boards
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
2 Foam brushes

1. Start by painting your canvas with a foam brush and set aside. I painted mine with light strokes to give it a textured look but you can coat it more evenly if you so choose. It’s important to paint the board first because the board will take a few hours to dry.

2. While you are waiting for the board to dry cut out leaf shapes out of the paper along with a circle for the center of the flower.

3. Arrange the flower shape on the board before gluing to make sure you have the pattern exactly how you want it. Then glue the flower on the board. Using the foam brush apply the Mod Podge.

4. Set it aside until it dries and then enjoy your own beautiful creation of canvas art!