For the Love of Storage Baskets

April 06, 2018

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment. We were ready for something different, and I’ve been excited about changing some things up with our decor and organization–

Especially organization!

There’s something so satisfying about a well-organized closet, cabinet, pantry (which I finally have!), and even an organized drawer!

As we moved from one place to the next, I determined to make sure everything had a place to go as I unpacked each box. If something didn’t have a place, I made a plan.

I asked myself:

  1. Where do I want to store this (and other things like it)?
  2. What do I want to store it in?

I love storage baskets and bins!

Wire, metal, wicker, wood, fabric . . . all of it! There are so many great options, and I got inspiration by browsing Pinterest and checking out some of my favorite stores.

 (Via SimplyOrganized.me)

You can find these adorable, wire baskets at Target.

I knew I wanted to organize my pantry, bedding & towels, and the cabinets under the bathroom sinks right away. I started by hitting up some favorite home decor shops that I knew would have bins and baskets galore, like HomeGoods, Target, Hobby Lobby, World Market, and IKEA.

IKEA had several options I liked, including these white bins that came in multiple sizes.

I bought the small and medium sizes and put them in the cabinets under the bathroom vanity. These are also great for pantry storage!

 (Via Classy Clutter)

I thought these boxes from IKEA were adorable! These are great for storage and dressing up a bookshelf or closet. (Found here and here.)

And these metal Hearth & Hand bins from Target get all the heart-eyes from me! (Found here and here.)

I love fabric baskets that are beautiful out in the open but double as additional storage. These fringe baskets from World Market don’t need to be tucked into a closet!

(Found here.)

(Found here and here.)

If you share my love for baskets and organization, share some of your storage tips and favorite places to shop all things baskets and bins in comments below.