Four Ways To Style A Maxi Dress

April 01, 2019

Welcome, everyone! I am so happy you are HERE.

Before I say anything else, I have one question: Do you have a maxi dress in your closet that you are obsessed with — one you wear literally every other week because you love it THAT much??? If the answer is yes, girl, I am so happy to hear that, because I am right there with you!

I am constantly looking for different ways to style my favorite dress so it does not always look like I am wearing the same thing! Today, I am going to show you four different ways you could style your favorite dress.

The dress I am wearing is my ABSOLUTE favorite dress I own at the moment. It is from Dainty Jewell’s. (It’s linked here.) Run to go get it ladies!

It’s comfortable, cute for any occasion, and just beautiful! It would also be a great piece for Easter.

TIP #1: WEAR SANDALS OR FLATS. So many times when we order fancier maxi dresses, we feel as if we can only wear them to church or weddings with heels. While heels can be gorgeous with it, try pairing your dress with cute summer sandals or flats. In my opinion, it gives the dress a more casual look without dressing it down too much. Also, if it is spring or summer, it will most definitely fit well into the season.

The past few weeks here in Texas have been filled with stunning weather! Breezy, cool, sunny weather makes my heart happier than I could ever say.

TIP #2: ADD A JACKET OR CARDIGAN. I chose to pair this dress with one of my favorite oversized jean jackets. I loved the way it turned out. However, I know that we do not all have the same taste or style, so you could add a jean jacket, beige or green cardigan, or whatever jacket would go with your dress. Adding a jacket for sure gives your dress a whole new look!

TIP #3: TIE A KNOT AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR DRESS. So if you look closely in the pictures below, I have a knot tied at the bottom of the dress. Y’all, I LOVE doing this to my dresses! Especially when my dress is super long or I want to show off the shoes I am wearing with it! When you tie a knot at the bottom of your dress, not only does it add to the style of it, it also gives you a way to not step on your super long dress and trip yourself … haha (speaking from experience)!

TIP #4: ADD A VEST TO IT. Almost every dress I have in my closet I have added a vest to. This is a perfect way to give your dress a different look, especially in the winter. I have several crocheted vests that I will soon be trying out with this dress. You can never go wrong adding a vest to your dress.

I hope you all have enjoyed these tips! I had so much fun styling this gorgeous dress.

What is a way you style your maxi dress? Is there another clothing article you would like me to style in the future? Please leave a comment letting me know!

With much love,

Asiah Angelle