Free Summer Fun for Littles

June 05, 2023 ยท by Whitney Gothra

One of my favorite things about little kids is that it takes very little to make things seem extra special.  Glitter, flowers, balloons, chocolate syrup, staying up late - anything presented with some excitement can bring about smiles and giggles.  Little ones are a delight!

If you have children and are looking for free ways to make their summer special, read on for some ideas!

1. Weekly Picnic

Choose a day of the week to be your "picnic day."  Pack a lunch and explore different areas of nature or parks each week until you find the perfect picnic tree.  Kids will love having something familiar to look forward to with that touch of adventure in searching for the prime picnic spot.

2. Sweet Treats

This idea has become my littles' favorite ways to celebrate anything miniscule.  Ha!  We bake cookies (or whatever treat I can scavenge up in my pantry or freezer), build a fort in our living room, and watch a cartoon together.  Bonus points for stringing up Christmas lights in the fort!  And extra bonus points if they're not usually allowed to eat in the living room.

3. Color Fun

Grab your sidewalk chalk and leave some colorful artwork for others.  Call some shut-ins from your church, the elderly, or anyone that you want to show love to, and ask if their driveway or sidewalk could use some color.  Then take your kids over and let them fill the pavement with pictures, shapes, or even Bible verses.

4. Nature Art

Create art with nature. On a piece of paper or in a spare notebook, draw large circles and outline them in different colors.  Pack that paper, glue, or tape, and go on a hike to collect things from nature that match those colors.  Glue or tape them in the circles, and then you're left with pretty nature art and an afternoon of exploring!

5. Summer Reads

Join the summer reading program at your local library.  If you have a library card it's free, and there are usually prizes!  This gives your older littles a way to continue learning through the summer and your younger littles will enjoy the library days when they get to play with the toys.  Be sure and check out some books for yourself, too!

Have fun making some summer memories!  These are the days of sprinklers, sticky popsicles, dirty feet, and tired mamas.  But oh, aren't they the good old days?!

Whitney Gothra

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