Fresh Inspiration for a New Swim Season :: Modest Swimwear Feature

March 28, 2019

Spring is here, and you know what that means: It’s almost the season for all things sun, sand, and water!

Here at Dainty Jewell’s, we love celebrating sunny days, and this year we’re extra excited about something fun and fresh for the beginning of summer — new modest swimwear pieces!

Our new pieces meet all my requirements when it comes to modest swimwear: they’re comfortable, cute, and feminine! They’re also fully lined, which minimizes clinging and makes your whole swim so much more comfortable.

Our new pieces will be released to the website Monday, April 1st, and I wanted to give you a headstart on the fun by answering some of your FAQs about these fabulous new pieces.

  • While our new swim dresses do not come with built-in shorts, we do have layering shorts available for purchase.
  • All pieces are made of high-quality, stretchy swimsuit fabric (Lyrcra spandex) and are fully lined.
  • Though swim dresses may go up underwater, we’ve had a lot of feedback from women happy about how modestly they were able to swim in these pieces.
  • We don’t currently have any swim dresses available with shorter sleeves, but if that’s your preference, the sleeve and hem lengths of most of our pieces are very easy to alter.

There’s nothing I love as much as customer photos of ladies enjoying their Dainty Jewell’s pieces.

Our friend Amber (@amberkeller93) is beautiful in this style from a few seasons back. While this specific dress has been discontinued, the Paisley Swim Dress, below, is a similar style:

I LOVE how adorable Amy (@amy.wyant) is in this piece! Doesn’t this picture just make you want to go for a swim? I’m so excited for summer beach days!

Last year, Dainty Jewell’s blogger Madison Carey (@_madisoncarey) featured one of my all-time favorite swim dresses, the Gingham and Dot Swimdress:

I can’t get enough of this dress myself! Not only is it comfortable and cute, who doesn’t like pink?!

I wore the Gingham and Dot Swimdress awhile back on my own vacation in Hawaii:

Another favorite, the Seashells and Peonies Dress, traveled to Hawaii with me, as well!

Believe me when I say there is EVERYTHING to love about these dresses!

Dainty Jewell’s current selection of swimwear is available here, but don’t forget that beautiful new styles will be releasing Monday, April 1st. To leave you with a little taste of what’s coming, I’ve included a few sneak peeks:

So much fun!

What do you think so far? Let me know in the comments! Are there any specific types of modest swimwear you’d like to see? I’d love to hear about them!

Until next time,