Friday Morning’s v1

October 07, 2016

Friday’s seem like the day when all the loose ends get tied up…and in the process one can breathe just a little easier! I like to take a few more minutes on Friday’s to enjoy a cup of tea, maybe a chat with a coworker or friend and focus on the really important stuff before the weekend arrives.

One of my favorite things to do on Friday’s is to catch up on a few favorite blogs and just browse around the net for a minute, and in the process send out a flurry of emails to my friends sharing all of these lovely finds. So in case you like to do the same, we’re starting the Friday Morning Post from my inbox to yours!  In addition to our regularly scheduled post, every Friday we’ll have a new edition of what we’ve been up to: books, music, online articles, funny or heartwarming quotes, articles and just a collection of what our team has found interesting around the web.

Without further ado…Friday Morning’s volume 1:

Steadfast Love :: Lauren Chandler 

Strong women are created by strong examples. Lauren Chandler is one such example. This lady has written an incredible book based on Psalm 107, describing her trials, her lessons and her journey deeper into God’s Steadfast Love. Of all the books I’ve read this year, this one is topping the list!

God’s Highway :: Sandra McCracken 

Sandra has a singer/songwriter folksy feel to her music and her lyrics are very psalmic in nature. Easy to listen to, yet a beautiful addition to your quiet time or even commute to work. This new album pairs nicely with the book mentioned above as well.

Real Friendship :: Scott Sauls

“There are many positive aspects to digital friendship. But by itself, digital friendship fails as a substitute for true friendship. Unlike true friendship, relating to others through screens makes it easy for us to hide. It allows us to put forth only the best, most attractive, most “together,” edited and screened version of ourselves. When digital friendships become the main way we relate to others, a subtle but significant shift happens. Instead of entering the messiness of having real friends, we settle for having (and being) followers and fans. The chief drawback is that is that we never really get to know people, and they never really get to know us. The version of us that they see becomes a carefully crafted, brushed-up, monitored and marketed, sometimes deleted, always less-than-authentic version of our true selves. Our digital friends are experiencing part of us but not all of us. The tragic result on all counts is more loneliness and isolation, not less.”

Oatmeal Baked Apples with Maple Brown Butter and Toasted Hazelnuts :: How Sweet Eats 

“Raise your hand if you’re feeling dessert for breakfast.”

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