Friday Morning’s V10 :: Good Friday

April 14, 2017

You may be sitting in the middle of your floor surrounded by basket filler, chocolate eggs and a dozen plastic eggs and jelly beans trying to figure out HOW in the world they fit together. (Ok, maybe not…maybe I’m the only one that has a problem snapping them together?) Or maybe you actually celebrated Holy Week and when you read this email you’ll just have finished your quiet time with Jesus and your first cup of coffee for the day. And maybe you’re walking the halls of your campus right now wondering how one celebrates Holy Week in the middle of college turmoil. And lastly…maybe you’re on Spring Break enjoying all the joys that beautiful week brings.

Wherever you are, and whatever state you’re in, I wanted to remind you today: it’s Good Friday. 

It’s not a “good Friday” just because it’s Friday and the weekend is coming. It’s not a “good Friday” because Sunday is Easter and we get to enjoy our church program and fellowship. None of those things can make the day Good Friday.

No, Good Friday is the day that Jesus was tried by Pilate, beaten by Roman soldiers, carried his Cross to Golgatha and ultimately was crucified for the sins of all humanity. This was the day that He led captivity captive through the actions of His perfect sacrifice of Love. 

Relentless Love put him on the cross so we could experience the Extravagant Grace only His sacrifice could bring us. His sacrifice, born from love, which ultimately covered our lives with grace. Good Friday celebrates this sacrifice. And while there really is nothing “beautiful” about the day or the agony He endured, it is good because it was the beginning of a weekend that ended in joy with the Resurrection. 

I hope you can spend a few moments thinking about that this week…our lives can never repay, our hearts can never feel enough, our minds will never comprehend the depth of that love nor the covering of that grace.

Mighty Cross (Live) :: Elevation Worship 

“O the cross of Jesus Christ
Is the reason I’m alive
For His blood, has set me free
It will never lose, its power for me”

This song reminds me of the power of the Kari Jobe song O the Blood that came out a few years ago. Something about the blood, the Cross, the KING that elevates our perspective to understanding the sacrifice and resulting salvation. Isn’t that a joy we want to share?

When You’re Kinda Struggling through Holy Week :: Ann Voskamp 

“We want more comfort — and He offers us a Cross.
We want more position — and He offers us purpose.
We want more ease — and He offers us eternity.

God cries because His people cry for things that won’t bring them more peace.

Jesus weeps because we don’t know the peace that will save us. What brings us more peace is always more praise.”

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