Friday Morning’s V11: Step by Step

June 09, 2017

Well there’s a bridge and there’s a river that I still must cross
As I’m going on my journey
Oh, I might be lost

And there’s a road I have to follow, a place I have to go
Well no-one told me just how to get there
But when I get there I’ll know
Cause I’m taking it

Step By Step…Bit by Bit…

Step by Step x Whitney Houston

This week has been one of those weeks that remind you that life is absolutely full of beauty if you’re willing to take it Step by Step. The song above kept running through my mind this week and I felt like I wanted to remind someone this morning that life is truly beautiful…when taken step by step. Sometimes we try to get ahead of ourselves, overthink the process or expect too much out of situations when we really should be willing to stay in the moment and take it individually step by step.

Have a situation you’re walking through this week? Take it to Jesus – one step at a time.

Have a problem you’re working through physically? Take a deep breath – and take it one step at a time.

Whatever you’re dealing with this week, today, in this moment. Remember that God is in control and you’ll get there…even one tiny step at a time.

You get into shape one workout at a time.
You get out of debt one payment at a time.
You get the job promotion one project at a time.
Whatever dream journey you’re on you have to take it one step at a time.
If you keep putting in the work that you know,
One day…God is going to show up and show off.
A book, an album + an online chat:

A place of Healing x Joni Eareckson Tada 

“One of the reasons I know the Bible is true is by the way its wisdom runs consistently cross-grain to common human assumptions. God’s Word never, ever tags along behind human thinking and philosophies, never tries to stay in style, never seeks to accommodate itself or somehow make itself “relevant.” No, God’s truth simply is, like a towering mountain, majestic and serene, dominating the horizon, utterly unmoved by wind or weather or the fickle judgments of the so-called opinion makers in our world.” 
This book shatters the myth of healing as the sole will of God, that healing is the only way that glory is brought to God and that healing is a purely selfish discipline. I highly recommend this book to any age, it holds beautiful truths and also shares much of Joni’s testimony which is a poignant reminder of the capability of those of us with full physical health. Whether or not you feel the need for healing in your life right now, this book will strengthen your faith in God, his ability to heal and true biblical depth on this concept.

Wonder x Hillsong United 

hope where there was none x loud harp

So many good albums and singles were released this week, and I couldn’t choose just one, so UNITED and loud harp won the battle here. “ShadowStep” is my favorite track from the Hillsong United (“move me like you move the mountains” WOW. Word imagery!). From Loud Harp I found myself playing here with me repeatedly. Both of these albums would be an awesome addition to your latest playlist.

7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

This short TED talk is a wonderful introduction to engaging our thoughts + minds with the world around us instead of just looking down at our phones (Hello, I’m guilty, let’s all be honest here!:)) “a conversation is an adventure.” Perspective, new doorways – this little chat is a great reminder!

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