Friday Mornings V11: What My Mama Taught Me

May 12, 2017

I’ve always said the greatest compliment I could give my Mother was that she prepared me for life. Because truly, is there any greater acclaim than to know that you launched another human into the world? To raise a responsible, capable, competent and (hopefully) pleasant and well-mannered individual should be the prayer of any who have the privilege of having and raising children.

For today’s Friday Morning post I decided to do a bit of a Mother’s Day Celebration with links and things that relate to or are centered around Mother’s Day. It’s kind of important, right? After all, without Mother’s – we wouldn’t actually be here (ok, it’s Friday, go with the jokes, the week is almost over, I do realize they’re groaners…). With each statement is a link  – you’ll have to click to find out what it is!

What My Mama Taught Me 

My Mama taught me to stand up straight + make eye contact. 

My Mama taught me the power of silence. 

My Mama taught me it’s not all about me. 

My Mama taught me that the details do matter. 

My Mama taught me about Jesus. 

My Mama taught me that it isn’t always the speedy who win, but those who are able to accurately complete the job at hand.

My Mama taught me how to compromise + negotiate – because all of life will require seeing both sides of the equation.

My Mama taught me to say nice things. 

My Mama taught me how to dress. 

My Mama taught me how to love. 

My Mama taught me real love is vulnerable + full of grace. 

If we were to list all the things our Mama’s taught us the list would be endless…but today, think of something special and text her. “Thank you for teaching me…”

Because truly, all of our Mama’s taught us to say thank you.