Friday Morning’s V12: Captive Thoughts

June 16, 2017

We talk alot about our words and conduct on the blog because it makes up who we are – our character, reputation, persona – are all made up of what we do and say and how we are perceived as a result. In order to live a life of Intention to the King, we have to be willing to self-examine and also to be aware in every moment of the direction of our thoughts and words.

I was having a conversation earlier this week with a friend and she said the most beautiful words in regards to a mistake in her art and how it could have potentially changed the plot of her work. “…it gave me this thought. The enemy will pinpoint one error in our lives or other people lives which then makes us cancel out all the rest of “the book” aka our character or someone else’s. It was one of those moments of revelation where I had to tell myself I’m not letting that one thing get me down or make me feel that I have accomplished nothing…whenever those little thoughts try to come, the best thing you can do is refuse to entertain them. Entertaining an uninvited thought will lead to loss everytime.” @jenmalech

(She wrote a blog post about it if you would like to read it – The power of a thought.  )

What thoughts are hindering you right now? Are they words of criticism spoken to you, and were they constructive? Or were they damaging words that are hurting your ability to proceed and pursue beauty in your life?

 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” 

Proverbs 23:7

This Friday morning, I just want to encourage you that the thoughts you think matter, that those you choose to maintain captivated by and keep close to your heart are those that will become what you live. Redirect the bad ones. Remind yourself that you are a daughter of the King and fill your mind with uplifting words so you can also give those to others. And most importantly, so you can become who God created you to be – in the most authentic, beautiful way possible. You are worthy of thinking good thoughts about yourself. 

We have the opportunity to choose what we will allow to fill our minds. 


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