Friday Morning’s V14: Saying No

July 07, 2017

Nichole and I laugh quite a bit about our lives four years ago and how drastically they have changed with the rise of She’s Intentional and our use of technology in our personal lives as well. Who knew one little Instagram post could have such a large reach? Who knew that a blog post could reach a girl in London or Africa or Norway and would lead to friendship and inspiration over cyberspace? Who knew that all those many “yes” moments would lead to something that has such a far reach? And then…we inevitably have the conversation of every “no” that also led us to this place.

Did you read that correctly? 

Yes, you did. At the heart of any successful business, blog or any sort of venture is the initial “YES” to get it started, but a whole lot of “no’s” to actually make it a success. In our case here are just a few of the “no’s” involved:

Saying no to nights out with friends because you have to stay home and edit, post or write.

Saying no to personal time because you’re working on social media or strategy for the next phase of the blog.

Saying no to projects you would love to work on but conflict with the greater good or “whole” of the blog itself.

Saying no to certain topics because while beneficial, they also might not reach the audience you’re working on reaching.

Saying no to any number of extracurricular activities because of the time it takes to truly invest your head, heart and time into something bigger than you.

Do you see a common theme above? Saying no for the right reasons will always lead to personal growth and usually a contribution to the greater good of those around you. And guess what? All of those things we said no to above – you’ve said no to as well. Maybe because you’re a Sunday School teacher, or a youth worker, or you’re on the praise team…or any number of activities you’re involved in that serve your local community.

Today, Friday, the last day of the work-week, I just wanted to remind you that it’s ok to say no – for the right reasons – and you should never feel guilty about it.

If you need a night at home to clear your head so you can serve others better? That’s ok.

If you need some space to work on your projects? You’re still busy – it’s ok to say no.

We live in a social world that would have you say “YES” to everything – but sometimes, the most valuable word in your vocabulary will be no.

Don’t be afraid to use it. 


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