Friday Mornings V16 :: Two Truths + a Lie

August 25, 2017

I like tomatoes.
My favorite game is “Never, Have I Ever.”
I like military history books.

Your Turn!! Oh – you don’t want to play this game? Oh…I see. Well, why not? You mean you don’t really like this game? Oh – you’re not really good at it? Hmmm, well, that’s ok, you don’t have to be good at it to play…

How many times have we turned down an opportunity to do something fun because we feel like we might not succeed?

I have to be honest, I’m a Type A person with an MBTI Personality of ENFJ (with a crossover to ENTJ at times) – the drive to succeed at everything I do is definitely present and my first inclination, if I think I’ll be bad at something, is to literally just “say no” at the very beginning. Then I don’t risk my failure or public humiliation at something I already knew I wasn’t going to be good at.

But. What if doing new things isn’t about succeeding, but about learning that failure is an acceptable part of life? That every action we take is leading us to an ultimate place of personal authenticity, realness and honesty in who we are – all pride set aside.

If we could succeed at everything, we wouldn’t need each other.

If we were individually self-sufficient, we wouldn’t need humanity or fellowship.

If we were truly able to do all things well, we wouldn’t need God.

So, while two truths and a lie may not be your favorite game, next time you’re presented with that game or another similar scenario…give it a shot! Who cares if you’re terrible? Don’t take yourself so seriously – and let people see who you really are so they can relate to the honesty of who God made you to be.

STEADFAST LIVE :: Sandra McCracken

I’ve mentioned this album before, yet as the weather is shifting into an Indian Summer, her live version of this album seems so appropriate to listen to…check it out if you have a few minutes or just need some mellow background music as well. It’s one of my favorite “morning” albums, and her live version is even more raw and honest – and it came out today! 

Speaking Truth in Love : Counsel in Community :: David Powlison

I’ve just started this book and my view of Psalm 119 and the Psalms themselves has already radically shifted. Working through the Psalms, we see the beauty of the heart of David, yet we also see the brokenness of his humanity and can relate in such an honest way. Reading through the longest chapter of the Bible – it’s anything but monotonous if you have the right approach. I highly recommend this book as your next Bible study.

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