Friday Morning’s V2 :: Heart

October 14, 2016

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life. PROVERBS 4:23

I love to set goals but I find myself often between goals or feeling like my current goals have nothing to do with what I’m working towards. I don’t think I’m alone in this (according to various texts and emails I’ve received from friends). The most important thing you can do when this happens?

 Take Heart.

Remember that we all can feel a little distracted, but take the time to regroup your thoughts and maybe grab a cup of tea, turn on some music and allow your mind to focus on the good, not just the necessary.

We often allow our hearts to take the brunt of the ignored emotions or hurt feelings and don’t realize that that fragile heart that we try to hide is the source of all of our actions, our thoughts and our words. Guard it wisely.

This week’s round-up all have to do with matters of the heart : Press play on this playlist and click away…

Take Me There :: Anna Golden

Anna’s album came out last week and while we all may be familiar with her version of Take me There, it’s her song Changing Me that has been turning me inside out. “I’m open come and fill me, Your presence is all I’m seeking, You’re everything I’m not, You’re changing me.”

Anything :: Jennie Allen

This book will radically change your perspective of where you stand in your walk with God and your willingness to do anything for His glory and Kingdom. The whole book is quotable but I’ll leave you with this:

“We love our earth. We love our people. We love our stuff. We love our schedules. We love our short lives here. And God is saying, Look up. This is going fast. Your life here is barely a breath. There is more, way more. Time is almost gone. Our lives are only spent well on him and whatever stories he has written for us. What are we really so afraid of losing? Heaven feels far away, and we forget. But it is real . . . and it is coming…”

Voting seems like it’s going to be tough this year…this article reminds us to not let certain physical traits sway us in our decision for the next President.

Nichole and I were discussing this fun article earlier this week…and wondering how we could fit the recommended 4 hour morning routine into 30 minutes (juuuust kidding, kind of). While we work on that idea you may want to click the link and read the article anyway…some good reminder in this one about making your morning work for you, instead of working for your morning!

Please drink more coffee (Did we really even need the reminder? Extolling the virtues of coffee + bone broth)

Are you always hangry? You may just need more sleep!

a few more things*

the force of courage 

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