Friday Morning’s V4 :: Document

November 11, 2016

I once took a quiz that said I was a documenter in my usage of social media. That I enjoy  documenting the world around me in a journalistic way. (I also once took a quiz that said I was an otter, but that’s beside the point.) The quiz was right. I enjoy using my iPhone, small G15 and my Canon DSLR to capture people, moments and objects around me regardless of where or why I’m there. I enjoy documenting my world.

The best thing about documenting the world around you is that you’re seeing it through your lens. You’re taking  a full world experience and documenting it through one lens. But guess what? People do that to you too…and the world, those people, will tell you something about yourself.
Sadly, everything the world might tell you isn’t always pretty. It might tell you that you’re aren’t skinny enough, smart enough, or pretty enough to measure up. It might tell you that you’re good at one thing but not good enough at another. And ultimately, what the world will tell you is that you need to assimilate in order to succeed. Today I tell you Woman of God that you were created just as you are with a God-given purpose and passion to be what GOD tells you to be, not what the world will tell you. The only growth track you need to be on is the one that keeps God at the center and everything revolving around that center leading right back to that source.
So when the world tries to tell you what to be…you look it right back in the face and tell it who you are. You are a child of God, a daughter of the King and part of the bride of Christ. You have passion and purpose and you will succeed without compromising your standard of excellence. You will show love and vulnerability and you will not bow to the dictations of society. You will document your world through a God-focused lens and He will lead you to the best “you” you can be!

The Thrill of Hope :: Christy Nockels 

Christmas albums are finally acceptable to listen to and Christy’s album is nothing but pure joy. With Celtic flavoring and flawless vocals, I played this album multiple times in the day it was released. Her version of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is at the top of my holiday playlist so far for 2016.

Tongue Pierced :: Nelson Searcy

This book radically changed my perspective on the words we speak and the way we speak them. The subtitle of this book “How the Words You Speak Transform the Life You Live” rings true to the content within. “One day you will be held accountable for the life you created and the influence you wielded with the words you chose to speak: “And I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak. The words you say will either acquit you or condemn you” (Matt. 12:36–37). Every word that has ever left your tongue, and those yet to, will be judged for its merit. Every word of encouragement, praise, and love you’ve spoken will be revisited. Every negative, hurtful thing you’ve said to the people you love will come to light. You’ll see the effects of every lie you’ve told and every judgment you’ve passed. Between now and then, you have the opportunity to use your words in a way that brings life to the world around you; you have a chance to use your words to cooperate with God in creating your best future and reaching your full potential; you have the chance to use your words to show life-changing love to the people closest to you.”

A few favorite articles from around the web: 

“Whether you are a CEO of a national company, a supervisor in retail, a stay-at-home mom managing a home-based business, or a post-career leader in your community, God has things for you to do every day you are on this Earth. There are assignments for you to responsibly manage—and now is the time to live propelled into your future. Answer these questions and discover your leadership capacity—then embrace all that God has for you to do, individually and collectively. Identify how you are equipped, and then be confident in how he’s gifted you and prepared you.” Called Forward, Christine Caine

“A beautiful legacy is built on consistency, integrity, honesty, and availability. Are we using our Instagram captions to create common ground and love those who follow us? Are our schedules open to one coffee date or lunch time a week for someone else? Who in your life needs to be seen? I am forever grateful that Sarah saw me. That vulnerability and convenience (two things people are rarely willing to give up), never hindered her investment into my life. Throughout the years, many more have come along to cheer me on, and walk with me. I have made it my legacy to continue their work of hands-extended and heart-ready living.” Why Your 20s Aren’t too early for Legacy, Darling Magazine

*…and on to a few links for the week

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