Friday Morning’s V8: Storytime

March 24, 2017



These two are known as  catchwords of our generation (Hello, Millenials), because we often love to  know the full story of the product we are buying, the person we are talking to and the lifestyle we live. Yet…how often do we share our own authentically? It’s tricky, isn’t it?

It has been said that we try to influence others in the ways that influence us (Chase the Lion, Mark Batterson), similar to how we subconsciously love others in our love language before we learn theirs. So if we are trying to use our influence in positive ways with others, isn’t it important that we process our own story first? To learn to work through the pieces of our own heart and understand that our own experiences are what create our story, and that story is beautiful. Every piece of your past is something that made you the person you are today – good and bad – to subtract one piece of that puzzle would be to change who you are entirely.

To prepare to share our story is to first give ourselves permission to process our lives as a story.  To give ourselves permission to go back and look at the sore spots, the pieces  we don’t love about ourselves and decide that we are valuable enough to work through them, love ourselves through them and grow through them into the most beautiful version of ourselves so we can love others through their stories.

“Everything you’ve experienced is already a story.

Your whole life is full of mistakes made, lessons learned, successes achieved, and life lived.

You’re truly a walking storybook…sharing the stories that mean something to you and that deeply resonate with [others].”

Hey Sweet Pea, Elise + Scott (emphasis added)

If I told you my story, you would hear Hope.

 If you told me yours, what would I hear?

This week’s roundup includes some thoughts on Stories around the Web…

There is a Cloud :: Elevation Worship 

This album came out last Friday and while they had released Do It Again as an EP previously, it’s still my favorite song on the album. The entire album is absolutely amazing in complexity and in worship. Definitely recommend checking this one out, even if you don’t sing. The story of individual lives are woven throughout the fabric of this album in such a beautiful way.

A Prayer Journal :: Flannery O’Connor 

If you follow our Editor in Chief (Nichole) or myself on social media, you may have seen some snippets of this fabulous book. Flannery O’Connor wrote the prayers of her heart as a young girl, and the entire book can be summed up in this one statement taken from her prayers “Dear God please help me to be an artist, please let it lead to You.” This read resonates deep within our heart as I believe we can all relate to the desire to wanting our lives to everyday be led closer to Him.

Be the Bridge :: Racial Unity Table @ IFGathering2017

This video focuses on women of color and how white women can help be the bridge and voice in times of conflict and understanding what these women go through – inside the church and outside. One of the most poignant quotes from this discussion: “You can never reconcile what you do not recognize. All comprehension starts with a conversation.”  Click the link to watch the full video and truly become a part of becoming a bridge within the body of Christ.

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