Friday Mornings V9 :: Self-Care

March 31, 2017



The day we all breathe a deep sigh of relief when that 3:00 time rolls around because our work week is almost done…but what if we lived in rest in our daily lives even during the work week? If we were able to operate at a higher level of self-care?

Not sure about you, but I’m guilty of trying to cram as much as possible in my day so that I either have no self-time or I choose to squander that time in frivolous ways (hello social media I love you but I love me more than Tumblr/Pinterest/Twitter/Instagram/etc.). This results in exhaustion, physical and mental, disorganization (on every level), weariness and diminished relationships and communication as a result of the exhaustion. So the weekend comes and we try to hangout and spend time with people and we aren’t coming from a place of rejuvenated self or self-love so we find it difficult to listen, love and care for others well.

A friend and I were discussing it this week and we ended up at this conclusion:

“Learning to love ourselves in the best way possible is learning to love others better as a result.”

It’s lovely to give to others. It’s amazing to be there for people. But if you can’t show up for yourself? You’re going to fail others as well.

Operate in self-care and self-love.

Implement daily practices that make  YOU a better you.

Then let that flow outward.


Sooo…some linky-links. Shall we go there?

Here I Am Send Me :: Darlene Zschech

This album came out a few weeks back but I keep going back to it based on it’s simplicity and purity of heart. The lyrics “You are great, greater than the world has ever  seen…”,  not just ride-along music, but also heart-song. I have to say my favorite song is Daylight “You are God most high yet You hear my cry. And you run to my defense. And I will walk unharmed, Angels all around, I will trust and not be moved.”  Take a listen and leave a comment on your favorite song from this album!

Chase the Lion :: Mark Batterson 

Wow. I’ve been left speechless as I’ve read this book – so many good things, so many thoughts and so many action items found in its pages. If you follow me on social media I probably overwhelmed you with it’s goodness yet I just couldn’t get away from it. One final quote that continues to eat at my heart in the realm of dreams and following them: “Until you can selflessly invest yourself in someone else’s dream you’re not ready for your own.”  Lord grant us the heart to follow another’s vision and grant us the courage to follow our God-given dream when the time is right!

TED Talk: Asking for Help is a Strength not a Weakness 

In this vulnerable quick talk the speaker expounds on her own difficulties in asking for help and how being vulnerable has opened up her horizons. Sometimes loving ourselves best occurs through inviting others into our story. Pride can hurt more than just our individual selves, it hurts others too. Something to keep in mind next time you’re shy to ask for help

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